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12 Aug

Vendor: LPI
Exam Code: 117-304
Exam Name: LPI Level 3 Exam 304, Senior Level Linux Certification, Virtualization & High Availability

In heartbeat (versions 3 and post 2.1), what should the crm directive be set to?

A.    on
B.    no
C.    respawn
D.    pacemaker
E.    off

Answer: C

In keepalived, what keyword starts the configuration section for one of the failover servers?

A.    lvs_server
B.    virtual_server
C.    vrrp_instance
D.    vrrp_sync_group

Answer: B

Which of the the following cluster infrastructure services are provided by heartbeat (versions 3 and post 2.1)? (Specify TWO correct answers)

A.    membership
B.    communication
C.    advanced resource management
E.    service migration

Answer: AB

A configuration file for a Xen virtual machine was created in the directory /etc/xen with filename slack.cfg. What is the command to start the virtual machine defined in this configuration file including displaying its console on screen?

A.    xm start slack
B.    xm create slack.cfg showconsole
C.    xm create slack.cfg
D.    xm start slack.cfg c
E.    xm create slack.cfg c

Answer: E

Which configuration setting ultimately determines which server will be the MASTER with keepalived?

A.    advert_int
B.    state
C.    type
D.    priority

Answer: D

Which function is not supported in a GFS2 filesystem?

A.    repair
B.    grow
C.    shrink
D.    withdraw

Answer: C

When using the user mode network stack with qemu, TCP and UDP connections work fine but ping does not work. Why is this?

A.    The Qemu user mode network stack does not implement ICMP.
B.    The problem is caused by incorrect routing.
C.    The Qemu user mode network stack blocks all ICMP traffic.
D.    The Qemu user mode network stack requires explicit permission for ping to work.

Answer: A

When using Xen, each VM will have a configuration file matching the name of the VM. Where are these configuration files stored?

A.    Each configuration file is stored with the VM disk files.
B.    In the directory /etc/xen
C.    On a LDAP, NIS or DHCP server
D.    In the directory /var/lib/xen

Answer: B

In order to specify that a Xen virtual machine should start at boot time, under which directory must the VM’s configuration file (or a link to it) be placed? (Please specify the directory name with or without the full default path) Your Response

With HAProxy, which one of the following ACLs can match requests made to the domain

A.    acl acl_example hdr_sub(Host)
B.    acl acl_example url_domain
C.    acl acl_example hdr_sub(Domain)
D.    acl acl_example url_host

Answer: A

Why is quorum used in a Red Hat Cluster Suite installation?

A.    To keep track of membership among nodes
B.    To prevent splitbrain conditions
C.    To establish communication protocols
D.    To detect configuration conflicts

Answer: B

Which one of the following should NOT be used as a lowlevel device for DRBD?

A.    A LVM logical volume
B.    A physical hard disk
C.    A EVMS volume
D.    A loop device

Answer: D

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