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17 Jul

Vendor: Adobe
Exam Code: 9A0-152
Exam Name: Adobe After Effects CS5 ACE Exam

You have been asked to render a sequence of frames in 32bpc. Which two formats allow you to do this? (Choose two)

A.    RLE
B.    TIFF
C.    JPEG
D.    Targa
E.    Cineon

Answer: BE

Which two features are supported when you render a movie using the OpenGL render engine? (Choose two.)

A.    Layer Styles
B.    2D motion blur
C.    Particle effects
D.    Intersecting 3D layers
E.    Shininess property settings for 3D layers

Answer: AB

What is the purpose of the command Composition > Pre render?

A.    to render a RAM review of the composition
B.    to render and save the RAM preview to disk
C.    to render and create a Disk Cache preview of the composition
D.    to addthe composition to the render queue with the Post Render Action set to Import and Replace usage.

Answer: B

You want to keyframe the Position property of an After Effects layer on only its X value. Which will restrict the Position property to only the x value?

A.    Keyframe the X value for the Anchor Point property
B.    Enable the Layer > Transform > Auto Orient to Layer command
C.    Console the Position Keyframes to Hold Keyframes
D.    Scrub the first Position value in the Timeline when setting Keyframes

Answer: A

You have imported a video clip of unknown size and duration. You have heighted the clip in the Project panel. What should you do to create a composition that will automatically be the right size and duration?

A.    choose File > Add Footage to Comp
B.    choose Composition > New Composition
C.    choose File > New Comp from Selection
D.    choose Composition > Add to Render Queue

Answer: C

You have opened a template project and made various changes to it. Which is the most efficient way to save it as a new template for future use?

A.    Choose File > Save As, and replace the current project file
B.    Choose File > Increment And Save to create a new copy
C.    Choose File > Save a Copy as XML to create a new copy
D.    Choose File > Save, and rename the filename using the .aet extension

Answer: C

How do you quickly invoke the composition navigator flowchart?

A.    press U
B.    press F10
C.    tap the Shift key
D.    tap the space bar

Answer: C

You want to disable thumbnails in the Project in the Project panel to conserve system resource in a large project. Which option in the After Effects Preferences dialog lets you complete this task?

A.    General
B.    Display
C.    Previews
D.    Appearance

Answer: B

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