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28 Apr

What are critical component services on each P4000 storage node? (Select two.)

A.    Storage Services
B.    Failover Services
C.    Configuration Services
D.    SAN/iQ Services
E.    Notification Services

Answer: AC

Your customer’s environment contains Windows 2003 servers connected to their P4500 SAN, which are not performing as expected. You find that the Windows disk partitions were created with the default 32kb offset, not the optimal 64kb. Which statement is true about what must done to align the offset to 64kb?

A.    The partitions must be recreated with DISKPART. A backup and restore is required for existing data.
B.    The partitions must be recreated with DISKPART. A backup and restore is not required, data is
preserved and re-aligned on disk.
C.    The partitions must be recreated with the GUI. A backup and restore is required for existing data.
D.    The partitions must be recreated with the GUI. A backup and restore is not required, data is preserved
and re-aligned on disk.

Answer: A

A customer has multiple eight-node SQL clusters that are currently connected to three HP EVA 8400 storage systems. The customer has I/O latency problems on the servers and sees high queue depths on the EVA ports. What should you recommend to solve this problem?

A.    HP 3PAR StoreServ 10000 with 32 host prots
B.    HP StoreVirtual multi-node with FC support
C.    HP StoreVirtual with iSCSI to eliminate queue depths
D.    HP EVA P6000 which has higher queue depths

Answer: A

Your customer wants to back up their P4000-based 1.5TB Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 database nightly, but minimize the backup window. You have recommended using snapshots of the LUNs to create backups. What else must you do to keep the data consistent without stopping the application?

A.    Use the Thin Provisioning features of the P4000 to create a mirror and back up from the mirror.
B.    Use the Microsoft SQL Server Backup Service to keep the SQL I/Os consistent.
C.    Use the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to keep the SQL I/Os consistent.
D.    Use the Centralized Management Console (CMC) to pause I/O and then take a snapshot.

Answer: C

You are designing a new storage solution for a custoer that provides Thin Provisioning support for Solid State Disks (SSD.and the ability to isolate SAN Administrators so they only manage storage resources that they are responsible for. Additionally, the customer needs to ensure performance for cache-oriented I/O for specific hosts.
Which HP Storage system should you recommend to meet the customer requirements?

A.    HP XP P9500
B.    HP StoreVirtual 4530
C.    HP EVA P6550
D.    HP 3PAR StoreServ 10000

Answer: A

You are using Dynamic Optimization to tune a 3PAR virtual volume. In addition to stripe width and RAID level, which parameters can be changed? (Select two.)

A.    radial placement
B.    Logical Disk allocation
C.    volume name
D.    CPG assignment
E.    drive type

Answer: AE

When configuring a D2D device using one of the flexible emulation types, it is important to balance the pool of devices carefully. According to best practices, how should you balance the pool to achieve optimal performance?

A.    Have concurrent streams across multiple stores.
B.    Provide a many-to-one host/store relationship.
C.    Configure multiple tape drives to multiple stores.
D.    Configure a single tape drive to a single VTL device.

Answer: A

After proposing an HP 3PAR SToreServ 7000 Storage System solution, a customer asks about the benefits of future disk drive expansion. What are the primary performance and capacity differentiators for existing or new volumes when adding disk drives? (Select two)

A.    Capacity is available to existing or new volumes
B.    Performance is available only to new volumes
C.    Performance is available only to existing volumes
D.    Performance is available to existing or new volumes
E.    Capacity is available only to existing volumes
F.     Capacity is available only to new volumes

Answer: AD

Your P9500 customer has SSD in a ThP pool, and performance is poorer than expected. The system has the base configuration of two Cache Memory Adapter modules (CMAs). What should you do to improve performance from the pool?

A.    Install additional CHA modules to increase host bandwidth.
B.    Install additional DIMMs on the existing CMA modules to increase total cache capacity.
C.    Install additional CMA modules to increase available bandwidth.
D.    Partition existing cache capacity to isolate workloads.

Answer: C

Which utility is used to monitor EVA performance objects interactively?

A.    HP Storage CommandView EVAPerf
B.    HP Storage Essentials Performance Edition
C.    HP StorageWorks Essentials SAN Visibility
D.    HP Storage Essentials Storage Resource Management Software Suite

Answer: A


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