Latest HP HP0-J53 Practice Tests Free Download with PDF & VCE (31-40)

28 Apr

You are investigating an issue concerning application timeouts. Performance data of the storage system has been collected and initial analysis shows the load is properly balanced. There is a subset of server host ports showing higher latencies. What should you do next?

A.    Check error counters on the switch ports for the hosts.
B.    Check the utilization of the controllers.
C.    Examine the queue lengths on the storage interfaces.
D.    Examine the utilization of the fabric switches.

Answer: A

What is the main advantage of Thin Provisioning used in HP P4000?

A.    allocates storage space only as data was written to that volume.
B.    allocates a percentage of the overall requested volume size.
C.    relies on snapshot technology to raise the overall storage utilization within ThP
D.    accounts for all space to ensure that you cannot over-provision P4000 storage nodes.

Answer: A

In addition to being able to wide-stripe data over many physical disks, what is another unique feature of an HP 3PAR StoreServ compared to competitor block based arrays?

A.    Asychronous remote replication
B.    Controller functions based on a software implementation of RAID
C.    Block storage functions facilitated by software emulation
D.    Customer ASIC enabled Thin Provisioning

Answer: D

A client is operating an 8Gb SAN of 130 ports utilizing the D2D4324 Backup System. The storage arrays have multiple controllers visible and are presenting multiple LUNs. The client is complaining about backups continually failing due to loss of I/O to the virtual tape libraries presented from the D2D solution. What is the likely cause of this problem?

A.    The configured tape backup block size is less than 256KB.
B.    The number of concurrent backup streams exceeds recommendations.
C.    The switch is configured for host-centric zoning without splitting disk and tape.
D.    The port speed is forced to 4gb through the web interface on the D2D4324.

Answer: C

You are configuring H-Series embedded/standard Transparent Router features to connect to HP B- Series and C-Series fabrics. Which configuration must be completed on the B-Series and CSeries switches?

A.    zoning
B.    port type
C.    license key addition
D.    Interop mode enabled

Answer: D

Your customer asks you to assist in designing a new cost-effective storage solution. The solution will be used to store archive data. It must be able to replicate a point-in-time copy of data at the primary site to a remote site. The solution must provide block-level access and support for FC. There is very little rack space available at the primary site.
Which solution meets the customer requirements?

A.    HP MSA
B.    HP 3PAR StoreServ
C.    HP StoreVirtual
D.    HP EVA

Answer: A

Which utility is used to graphically view EVA performance object-specific files for evaluation?

A.    TLViz
B.    ReadData
C.    SysPerf
D.    DevPerf

Answer: A

A company has re-racked their two HP c7000 BladeSystems. When they removed the VC Flex-10 Interconnect Modules for the c7000 chassis, they forgot to mark which c7000 chassis they were removed from. What will happen if they install the VC Flex-10 Interconnect Modules into the wrong BladeSystem c7000 chassis?

A.    Each chassis will maintain its original VC configuration.
B.    The configuration of the VC on the chassis will be swapped.
C.    Both chassis will default to factory default settings.
D.    POST will issue a warning that the wrong VC modules are installed.

Answer: C

Which free tool can be downloaded from HP to help calculate the link requirements for EVA Continuous Access, based on actual application or EVAPerf data?

A.    Sales Builder Workbench
B.    StorageWorks Sizer
C.    SAN Extension Configurator
D.    Data Replication Designer

Answer: D

How do you control access of a volume to servers in a P4000 SAN/iQ release 8.0 or later?

A.    authentication groups
B.    server connections
C.    selected storage presentation
D.    LUN mapping

Answer: C

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