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29 Apr

A company is implementing a disk-based backup strategy that requires maximum efficiency of the backup storage.
Which technology provides this capability?

A.    clustering
B.    deduplication
C.    cloning
D.    replication

Answer: B

Your customer asks you to assist in designing a new cost-effective storage solution. The solution will be used to store archive data. It must be able to replicate a point-in-time copy of data at the primary site to a remote site. The solution must provide block-level access and support for FC. There is very little rack space available at the primary site.
Which solution meets the customer requirements?

A.    HP MSA
B.    HP 3PAR StoreServ
C.    HP StoreVirtual
D.    HP EVA

Answer: A

You are building an X9720 Network Storage System solution consisting of four 164TB capacity blocks. What is the minimum number of Blade Server (Performance Block) pairs required for this installation?

A.    1
B.    3
C.    4
D.    8

Answer: A

You are managing an environment with HP BladeSystem and P6300. You receive a notification from HP that a new firmware version is available for your Virtual Connect Flex Fabric modules. Which tool can you use to update the firmware?

A.    Virtual Connect Manager
B.    Virtual Connect Support Utility
C.    SmartStart Maintenance CD
D.    Firmware Deployment Tool

Answer: B

A customer is running a vSphere 4 solution in production. The storage for the solution is an HP P4500 G2 Virtualization SAN Solution. There are growing concerns with data availability and business continuity. Datacenter space is available at additional sites within a 5km radius. The existing investment in vSphere and P4500 technology must be preserved. Which method is used to maintain quorum in the event of a site failure?

A.    deploy Virtual Manager to re-establish quorum
B.    configure Failover Manager
C.    designate a dedicated majority node
D.    execute the Automated Recovery Manager

Answer: B

A hospital has recently contacted you about a major environment upgrade. Due to funding issues and frequently changing management, they have allowed their infrastructure to age to a point that it is experiencing failures that impact patient care. The new CIO still has funding concerns, but the board has realized that they must spend money to stay in business and grow their patient base. This hospital has similar concerns to that of other medical facilities. They must meet HIPAA. [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act] requirements (how data security is handled) and be able to provide 7×24 support for all patient care systems. The hospital has approximately 400 servers. They have one mainframe, four HP-UX servers supporting Oracle databases, one AIX system supporting D82, and all other systems are aging ProLiants running Windows 2003 or 2008. The mainframe has dedicated storage and there are three EMC CLARtiON systems that have been experiencing both performance and availability problems. Between the four storage islands, the hospital has approximately 450TB of data stored on approximately 720TB of storage hardware. Most backups are being performed by Symantec NetBackup to an older StorageTek library with LT02 technology. They plan to consolidate their storage environment and as many of their Windows servers as possible using VMware on blade technology. They have asked that you assist in designing a storage environment that provides similar consolidation benefits and meets 5 9 availability requirements. They are growing their storage environment at approximately 15% per year. There is no requirement for tape, but assurance that backups are performed and offsite is necessary. The hospital has over 200TB of patient imaging files that are almost entirely static. They are only accessed if historical data is required. Which storage solution is best suited to house this data?

A.    P6000
B.    3PAR T400
C.    X9000
D.    3PAR T800

Answer: C

What are characteristics of the third generation InServ backplane on a T-Series 3PAR array? (Select two.)

A.    full mesh interconnect
B.    active circuit board
C.    support for up to six nodes
D.    800MB/sec high speed link
E.    1600MB/sec high speed link

Answer: AE

A customer is running a vSphere 4 solution in production. The storage for the solution is an HP P4500 G2 Virtualization SAN Solution. There are growing concerns with data availability and business continuity. Datacenter space is available at a second campus less than 10km away. The existing investment in vSphere and P4500 technology must be preserved. Which network traffic recommendation should be implemented?

A.    isolate VMware FT logging from virtual machines, iSCSI storage, and VMotion
B.    combine VMware FT logging with iSCSI storage
C.    dedicate 50Mb/s of bandwidth for VMotion
D.    restrict virtual machine traffic to 100Mb/s

Answer: A

A customer wants to integrate a P4500 Multi-Site SAN Solution in their environment. Currently, their infrastructure consists of two EVA systems. The customer has 18TB of Tier-1 and 6TB of Tier-2 data, which need different performance and availability levels. You design a P4000 Virtual SAN Appliance (VSA) solution on VMware vSphere4 with one DL380 G7 in each datacenter to utilize existing EVA disk space for the Tier-2 data. You recommend an HP D2D Backup System and HP Data Protector for a backup solution. You design a dedicated iSCSI network for the D2D and P4000 solution. Which step must be performed in the customer’s backup application to achieve an optimal deduplication ratio and optimal performance?

A.    enable multiplexing
B.    configure block size
C.    implement device load balancing
D.    raise disk agent buffers

Answer: B

Which connection protocol supports dual-ported drives and is optimized for backplane interconnections?

A.    ATA
B.    SATA
C.    IDE
D.    SAS

Answer: D

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