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12 Jan

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Hotspot Question
You create a virtual network named fabVNet01.

You design the virtual network to include two subnets, one named DNS-subnet and one named Apps-subnet, as shown in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibits button.)


In the table below, identify the number of IP addresses that will be available for virtual machines (VMs) or cloud services in each subnet. Make only one selection in each column.




You administer an Azure solution that uses a virtual network named fabVNet.
FabVNet has a single subnet named Subnet-1.
You discover a high volume of network traffic among four virtual machines (VMs) that are part of Subnet-1.
You need to isolate the network traffic among the four VMs.
You want to achieve this goal with the least amount of downtime and impact on users.
What should you do?

A.    Create a new subnet in the existing virtual network and move the four VMs to the new subnet.
B.    Create a site-to-site virtual network and move the four VMs to your datacenter.
C.    Create a new virtual network and move the VMs to the new network.
D.    Create an availability set and associate the four VMs with that availability set.

Answer: B

You administer an Azure virtual network named fabrikamVNet.
You need to deploy a virtual machine (VM) and ensure that it is a member of the fabrikamVNet virtual network.
What should you do?

A.    Run the New-AzureVM Power Shell cmdlet.
B.    Run the New-AzureQuickVM Power Shell cmdlet.
C.    Run the New-AzureAfhnityGroup Power Shell cmdlet.
D.    Update fabrikamVNet’s existing Availability Set.

Answer: B

Hotspot Question
You manage two websites for your company. The sites are hosted on an internal server that is beginning to experience performances issues due to high traffic.
You plan to migrate the sites to Azure Web Sites.
The sites have the following configurations:


In the table below, identity the web hosting plan with the lowest cost for each site. Make only one selection in each column.





You administer an Azure Web Site named contoso.
You create a job named Cleanlogs.cmd that will be executed manually, twice a week.
You need to deploy the job.
To which folder location should you deploy CleanLogs.cmd?

A.    ./App_Code/jobs/triggered/cleanLogs/CleanLogs.cmd
B.    ./App_Data/jobs/triggered/clean Logs/Clean Logs.cmd
C.    ./App_Code/jobs/continuous/cleanLogs/CleanLogs.cmd
D.    ./App_Data/jobs/continuous/cleanLogs/CleanLogs.cmd

Answer: B

You manage a cloud service that is running in two small instances.
The cloud service hosts a help desk application. The application utilizes a virtual network connection to synchronize data to the company’s internal accounting system.
You need to reduce the amount of time required for data synchronization.
What should you do?

A.    Configure the servers as large instances and re-deploy.
B.    Increase the instance count to three.
C.    Deploy the application to Azure Web Sites.
D.    Increase the processors allocated to the instances.

Answer: A

You manage a cloud service that has a web application named WebRole1.
WebRole1 writes error messages to the Windows Event Log.
Users report receiving an error page with the following message:
“Event 26 has occurred. Contact your system administrator.”
You need to access the WebRole1 event log.
Which three actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Enable verbose monitoring.
B.    Update the WebRole1 web.config file.
C.    Update the cloud service definition file and the service configuration file.
D.    Run the Set-AzureVMDiagnosticsExtension PowerShell cmdlet.
E.    Run the Enable-AzureWebsiteApplicationDiagnostic PowerShell cmdlet.
F.    Create a storage account.

Answer: ABC

Drag and Drop Question
You manage an application hosted on cloud services.
The development team creates a new version of the application.
The updated application has been packaged and stored in an Azure Storage account.
You have the following requirements:
– Deploy the latest version of the application to production with the least amount of downtime.
– Ensure that the updated application can be tested prior to deploying to the Production site,
– Ensure that the original version of the application can be restored until the new version is verified.
Which four steps should you perform in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.




You manage a cloud service that utilizes data encryption.
You need to ensure that the certificate used to encrypt data can be accessed by the cloud service application.
What should you do?

A.    Upload the certificate referenced in the application package.
B.    Deploy the certificate as part of the application package.
C.    Upload the certificate’s public key referenced in the application package.
D.    Use RDP to install the certificate.

Answer: A

You administer a Windows Server virtual machine (VM).
You upload the VM to Azure.
You need to ensure that you are able to deploy the BGInfo and VMAccess extensions.
What should you do?

A.    Select the Install the VM Agent checkbox while provisioning a VM based on your uploaded VHD.
B.    Select the Enable the VM Extensions checkbox while provisioning a VM based on your uploaded VHD.
C.    Install the VM Agent MSI and execute the following Power Shell commands:
    $vm = Get-AzureVM -serviceName $svc -Name $name $vm.VM.ProvisionGuestAgent = $true
    Update-AzureVM -Name Sname -VM $vm.VM -ServiceName $svc
D.    Install the VM Agent MSI and execute the following Power Shell commands:
    $vm = Get-AzureVM -serviceName $svc -Name $name Set-AzureVMBGInfoExtension -VM $vm.VM
    Set-AzureVM Access Extension -VM $vm.VM
    Update-AzureVM -Name Sname -VM $vm.VM -ServiceName $svc

Answer: A

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