2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed Adobe 9A0-090 Practice Tests

17 Jul

Vendor: Adobe
Exam Code: 9A0-090
Exam Name: Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 ACE Exam

Your site requirements dictate that all pages must load in under 6 seconds for users connecting to the Internet with a 33.6k modem.What is the easiest way to verify that each page in your site meets this requirement?

A.    run the Accessibility HTML Report for all pages in your site
B.    change your connection speed in your status bar preferences
C.    install a modem and browse each page while using a stopwatch
D.    use the file browser to ensure that no HTML page is more than 18K

Answer: B

Which action does NOT help mitigate page weight?

A.    remove extra white space in the code
B.    optimize and compress all image files
C.    replace a JPEG photo with a GIF image
D.    format pages and text using Cascading Style Sheets

Answer: C

You are required to publish content stored in a database to a Web page on-demand. Which two types of connectivity are required? (Choose two.)

A.    The database must be installed on the web server.
B.    Dreamweaver must be able to connect to a database.
C.    Your web server must be able to connect to a database.
D.    Your application server must be able to connect to a database.
E.    Your web server must be able to connect to an application server.

Answer: DE

You want to deploy a Web site using Active Server Pages. Which type of server topology isrequired?

A.    PHP Server running on Apple OSX Web Server
B.    Apache Server running on aUnix operating system
C.    JavaScript Server running on Macromedia ColdFusion
D.    Microsoft Windows Server running Internet Information Services

Answer: D

You have created a Web page that contains ASP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML code. Which source code cannot be viewed in the browser by users?

A.    ASP
B.    CSS
C.    HTML
D.    JavaScript

Answer: A

You have been tasked with developing a form and action page that requires a user to entertheir user name and password so that it may be written to a database. Which two programminglanguages can you use to enforce a business rule that requires the user to fillspecific form fields before the request is passed to the database server for processing? (Choose two.)

A.    XML
B.    SQL
C.    HTML
D.    JavaScript
E.    ColdFusion/ASP/JSP

Answer: DE

Which is NOT a server-side scripting language?

A.    PHP
B.    VBScript
C.    JavaScript
D.    PostScript

Answer: D

Which Dreamweaver panel enables you to run an accessibility check of your pages?

A.    Validation
B.    Site Reports
C.    Link Checker
D.    Browser Compatibility

Answer: B

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