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28 Jul

Vendor: Hitachi
Exam Code: HH0-050
Exam Name: Hitachi Data Systems Storage Technology

What are the two ways a storage system implements virtualization? (Choose two.)

A.    in-band
B.    cross-band
C.    cascaded
D.    out-of-band

Answer: AD

What are two advantages of implementing an Ethernet network in an office environment? (Choose two.)

A.    resource sharing
B.    VSAN capabilities
C.    centralized management
D.    MAC address zoning

Answer: AC

What are two benefits of using performance reporting software? (Choose two).

A.    It provides disk subsystem utilization data.
B.    It moves elements between storage partitions.
C.    It provides workload data for volumes and ports.
D.    It migrates data away from storage hot-spots.

Answer: AC

Which customer type will benefit from a content management platform solution?

A.    Customers with a large number of departmental offices in multiple locations.
B.    Customers with large numbers of file servers or NAS systems considering an archiving or a tiering strategy.
C.    Customers wanting to improve application availability by reducing downtime caused by backups.
D.    Customers wanting to deploy a structured database for their customer data.

Answer: B

Which two statements are correct about array-based data replication? (Choose two.)

A.    Write operations to the storage are performed faster.
B.    It can run independent of host OS, file system and database.
C.    There is only a single current copy of each volume.
D.    Data copy volumes can be used offline for development and testing.

Answer: BD

An architect firm wants to simplify how they store and share their designs. The files are high resolution and will be viewed by many people in the company at their workstations. Each architect has their own operating system preferences, but the files should be available to all. Which platform would meet this requirement?

A.    a storage system with an iSCSI option installed
B.    a storage system with a NAS front-end
C.    a storage system with SAS drives and a DAS front-end
D.    a storage system that implements a Fibre Channel SAN

Answer: B

A customer has a large number of high performance database servers with DAS. They are concerned about isolated data and would also like to re-assign unused storage to avoid additional expenditure and to minimize unexpected loss of access to data. Which solution satisfies the requirements?

A.    Attach all servers directly to their storage.
B.    Attach all servers and storage to redundant SAN fabrics.
C.    Implement a DAS RAID 5 solution for the database servers.
D.    Add a NAS option to the storage and deliver data using file services.

Answer: B

Which topology describes devices connected across geographies?

A.    LAN
B.    SAN
C.    WAN
D.    PAN

Answer: C

What are two benefits of cache partitioning? (Choose two.)

A.    It creates multiple virtual SANs within a physical SAN.
B.    It dedicates resources to specific applications.
C.    It improves response time for all applications.
D.    It improves utilization of storage resources.

Answer: BD

Which backup and recovery factor does RTO represent?

A.    RTO measures how long it takes to resume essential operations.
B.    RTO measures productivity lost in the event of an outage.
C.    RTO measures loss of production permissible when resuming after a disruption.
D.    RTO measures the financial loss incurred due to an outage.

Answer: A

What are two IT issues faced by business organizations today? (Choose two.)

A.    high storage management costs
B.    excess data center capacity
C.    lack of new data storage technology
D.    cost-efficient allocation of storage resources

Answer: AD

What are two benefits provided by thin provisioning software? (Choose two.)

A.    maximizing physical disk utilization
B.    allocating disk capacity based on anticipated future needs
C.    increased data security
D.    segregating applications within their workspace

Answer: AB

Which two applications implement a search function? (Choose two.)

A.    data mining
B.    data integrity
C.    business continuity
D.    e-Discovery

Answer: AD

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