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22 Jun

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A router has been configured to provide the nine users on the branch office LAN with Internet access, as shown in the diagram. It is found that some of the users on the LAN cannot reach the Internet. Based on the topology and router output shown, which command should be issued on the router to correct the problem?


A.    Branch(config-if)# no shutdown
B.    Branch(config-if)# duplex full
C.    Branch(config-if)# no keepalive
D.    Branch(config-if)# ip address
E.    Branch(config-if)# bandwidth 100
F.    Branch(config-if)# encapsulation 802.3

Answer: D

What are three valid reasons to assign ports to VLANs on a switch? (Choose three.)

A.    to make VTP easier to implement
B.    to isolate broadcast traffic
C.    to increase the size of the collision domain
D.    to allow more devices to connect to the network
E.    to logically group hosts according to function
F.    to increase network security

Answer: BEF

Which protocol provides a method of sharing VLAN configuration information between switches?

A.    VTP
B.    STP
C.    ISL
D.    802.1Q
E.    VLSM

Answer: A
Understanding VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP)
VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP) reduces administration in a switched network. When you configure a new VLAN on one VTP server, the VLAN is distributed through all switches in the domain. This reduces the need to configure the same VLAN everywhere. VTP is a Cisco-proprietary protocol that is available on most of the Cisco Catalyst series products.

Refer to the exhibit. To what does the 128 refer in the router output O 168.12.240/30 [110/128] via,00:35:36, Serial 0?


A.    OSPF cost
B.    OSPF priority
C.    OSPF hop count
D.    OSPF ID number
E.    OSPF administrative distance

Answer: A

Assuming the default switch configuration, which VLAN range can be added, modified, and removed on a Cisco switch?

A.    1 through 1001
B.    2 through 1001
C.    1 through 1002
D.    2 through 1005

Answer: B

The ROUTE company has a small network. The network consists of one switch and one router. The switch has been configured with two VLANs. The router has been configured as a router-on- a-stick to allow inter-VLAN routing. A trunk is configured to connect the switch to the router. What
is the minimum number of router subinterfaces that are required for all the VLANs to communicate?

A.    zero
B.    one
C.    two
D.    three

Answer: C

Identify the four valid IPv6 addresses. (Choose four.)

A.    ::
B.    ::192:168:0:1
C.    2000::
D.    2001:3452:4952:2837::
E.    2002:c0a8:101::42
F.    2003:dead:beef:4dad:23:46:bb:101

Answer: ABEF

A network administrator receives an error message while trying to configure the Ethernet interface of a router with IP address Which statement explains the reason for this issue?

A.    VLSM-capable routing protocols must be enabled first on the router.
B.    This address is a network address.
C.    This address is a broadcast address.
D.    The Ethernet interface is faulty.

Answer: B

You are working in a data center environment and are assigned the address range You are asked to develop an IP addressing plan to allow the maximum number of subnets with as many as 30 hosts each. Which IP address range meets these requirements?


Answer: D

Which IPv6 address is valid?

A.    2001:0db8:0000:130F:0000:0000:08GC:140B
B.    2001:0db8:0:130H::87C:140B
C.    2031::130F::9C0:876A:130B
D.    2031:0:130F::9C0:876A:130B

Answer: D

Which protocol should be used to establish a secure terminal connection to a remote network device?

A.    ARP
B.    SSH
C.    Telnet
D.    WEP
E.    SNMPv1
F.    SNMPv2

Answer: B

What three pieces of information can be used in an extended access list to filter traffic? (Choose three.)

A.    protocol
B.    VLAN number
C.    TCP or UDP port numbers
D.    source switch port number
E.    source IP address and destination IP address
F.    source MAC address and destination MAC address

Answer: ACE

Refer to the topology and partial router configurations shown in the exhibit. The network is fully operational and all routing tables are converged. Which route will appear in the output of the show ip route command issued on the Branch router?


A.    S* [1/0] via
B.    R [120/1] via, 00:00:22, Serial0/0
C.    R [120/0] via, 00:00:22, Serial0/0
D.    R [120/1] via, 00:00:22, Serial0/0
E.    C is directly connected, FastEthernet0/0

Answer: A

Which router command can be used to verify the type of cable connected to interface serial 0/0?

A.    show running-config
B.    show controllers serial 0/0
C.    show interfaces serial 0/0
D.    show ip interface serial 0/0

Answer: B

Which command is necessary to permit SSH or Telnet access to a Cisco switch that is otherwise configured for these vty line protocols?

A.    transport output all
B.    transport preferred all
C.    transport type all
D.    transport input all

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. A network technician enters the following line into the router.

Tidmore1(config)# access-list 106 deny tcp any eq www

What is the effect of this configuration?


A.    The change has no effect on the packets being filtered.
B.    All traffic from the LAN to the Internet is permitted.
C.    Web pages from the Internet cannot be accessed by hosts in the LAN.
D.    No hosts in the LAN except can access web pages from the Internet.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. What statement is true of the configuration for this network?


A.    The configuration that is shown provides inadequate outside address space for translation of the
number of inside addresses that are supported.
B.    Because of the addressing on interface FastEthernet0/1, the Serial0/0 interface address will not
support the NAT configuration as shown.
C.    The number 1 referred to in the ip nat inside source command references access-list number 1.
D.    ExternalRouter must be configured with static routes to networks and

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Statements A, B, C, and D of ACL 10 have been entered in the shown order and applied to interface E0 inbound, to prevent all hosts (except those whose addresses are the first and last IP of subnet from accessing the network. But as is, the ACL does not restrict anyone from the network. How can the ACL statements be re-arranged so that the system works as intended?
A.    ACDB
B.    BADC
C.    DBAC
D.    CDBA

Answer: D

A network administrator is configuring ACLs on a Cisco router, to allow traffic from hosts on networks,,, and only.
Which two ACL statements, when combined, are the best for accomplishing this task? (Choose two.)

A.    access-list 10 permit ip
B.    access-list 10 permit ip
C.    access-list 10 permit ip
D.    access-list 10 permit ip
E.    access-list 10 permit ip
F.    access-list 10 permit ip

Answer: AC

In which solution is a router ACL used?

A.    filtering packets that are passing through a router
B.    to change the default administrative distance of a route in the route table
C.    protecting a server from unauthorized access
D.    controlling path selection, based on the route metric

Answer: A

Which IPsec security protocol should be used when confidentiality is required?

A.    MD5
B.    PSK
C.    AH
D.    ESP

Answer: D

A network administrator needs to configure port security on a switch.
Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A.    The network administrator can apply port security to dynamic access ports.
B.    The network administrator can apply port security to EtherChannels.
C.    When dynamic MAC address learning is enabled on an interface, the switch can learn new addresses,
up to the maximum defined.
D.    The sticky learning feature allows the addition of dynamically learned addresses to the running
E.    The network administrator can configure static secure or sticky secure MAC addresses in the
voice VLAN.

Answer: CD
Follow these guidelines when configuring port security:
Port security can only be configured on static access ports, trunk ports, or 802.1Q tunnel ports.
A secure port cannot be a dynamic access port.
A secure port cannot be a destination port for Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN).
A secure port cannot belong to a Fast EtherChannel or Gigabit EtherChannel port group.
You cannot configure static secure or sticky secure MAC addresses on a voice VLAN.
When you enable port security on an interface that is also configured with a voice VLAN, you must set the maximum allowed secure addresses on the port to at least two.
If any type of port security is enabled on the access VLAN, dynamic port security is automatically enabled on the voice VLAN.
When a voice VLAN is configured on a secure port that is also configured as a sticky secure port, all addresses seen on the voice VLAN are learned as dynamic secure addresses, and all addresses seen on the access VLAN (to which the port belongs) are learned as sticky secure addresses.
The switch does not support port security aging of sticky secure MAC addresses.
The protect and restrict options cannot be simultaneously enabled on an interface.

What are two characteristics of a switch that is configured as a VTP client? (Choose two.)

A.    If a switch that is configured to operate in client mode cannot access a VTP server, then the switch
reverts to transparent mode.
B.    On switches that are configured to operate in client mode, VLANs can be created, deleted, or
renamed locally.
C.    The local VLAN configuration is updated only when an update that has a higher configuration
revision number is received.
D.    VTP advertisements are not forwarded to neighboring switches that are configured in VTP
transparent mode.
E.    VTP client is the default VTP mode.
F.    When switches in VTP client mode are rebooted, they send a VTP advertisement request to the
VTP servers.

Answer: CF
VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)
VTP Modes
Server Mode Once VTP is configured on a Cisco switch, the default mode used is Server Mode. In any given VTP management domain, at least one switch must be in Server Mode. When in Server Mode, a switch can be used to add, delete, and modify VLANs, and this information will be passed to all other switches in the VTP management domain. Client Mode When a switch is configured to use VTP Client Mode, it is simply the recipient of any VLANs added, deleted, or modified by a switch in Server Mode within the same management domain. A switch in VTP client mode cannot make any changes to VLAN information.
Transparent Mode A switch in VTP Transparent Mode will pass VTP updates received by switches in Server Mode to other switches in the VTP management domain, but will not actually process the contents of these messages. When individual VLANs are added, deleted, or modified on a switch running in transparent mode, the changes are local to that particular switch only, and are not passed to other switches in the VTP management domain.

Which two data link layers are supported by Cisco IOS Software for IPv6? (Choose two.)

A.    FDDI
B.    PPP
C.    NBMA
D.    Frame Relay SVC
E.    Frame Relay PVC

Answer: BE

Which two commands correctly verify whether port security has been configured on port FastEthernet 0/12 on a switch? (Choose two.)

A.    SW1#show port-secure interface FastEthernet 0/12
B.    SW1#show switchport port-secure interface FastEthernet 0/12
C.    SW1#show running-config
D.    SW1#show port-security interface FastEthernet 0/12
E.    SW1#show switchport port-security interface FastEthernet 0/12

Answer: CD

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