Avaya 3000 Dumps

23 Mar

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  • Avaya 3000 Questions & Answers
  • Exam Code: 3000
  • Exam Name: Avaya Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)Communications Solutions Exam
  • Q & A: 115 Q&As

1.A customer has a help desk call center with 50 agents. Agent time on call are billable to the clients calling in. which combination of features best meets their needs?
A. VoiceMail Pro, Account codes with CLI, one-X Portal Call Accounting
B. ACD via VM Pro Commpaign Manager and a compaign database
C. ACD to distributed Hunt Groups and one-X Portal Call Accounting
D. ICR with account codes and CDR-enabled for billing.
Answer: D

2.An IP Office with Embedded Voicemail (EVM) has the time set using the system telephone. Each time the IP Office reboots the time changes to the wrong time. Which Windows command can be used to determine if there is a time server on the network causing the change.?
A. time
B. time server
C. net time
D. get time
Answer: C

3.What should the telephone number field N in an ARS short code look like if you want to send out caller ID for the number 3033211234 on an ISDN/PRI line?
A. NCLI3033211234
B. Nss3033211234
C. Ns3033211234
D. NCID3033211234
Answer: C

4.A customer is installing ContactStore 7.8 on a separate Windows server from the VoiceMail Pro Server. What must be set in the servers so that the recordings move from the voicemail server to the ContactStore server?
A. The Workgroup name must be in each server.
B. VoiceMail Pro must be part of the domain.
C. IP Office must be in a SCN.
D. The registry key is a string containing the name of the share.
Answer: D

5.The design for an IP Office has two locations. They will need telephones, voicemail, and meet-me conferencing ability. They will have a PRI at the main office and the remote office will use the main office PRI for inbound and outbound calls. The main site has 40 users and one fax machine. The remote site has 15 users and one fax machine. Which cards and modules are required in the IP Office at the main site to support all digital telephones?
A. IP500 Preferred edition, three Digital Statin 8 Card, one Analog Phone 2 Card, Universal PRI Trunk Card, one DS30 Module.
B. IP500 Essential edition, three Digital Station 8 Card, one Analog Phone 2 Card, Universal PRI Trunk Card, one DS30 Module.
C. IP500 Essential edition, two Digital Station 8 Card, one Analog Phone 2 Card, VCM32, Universal PRI Trunk Card, one DS30 Module.
D. IP500 Preferred edition, two Digital Station 8 Card, one Analog Phone 2 Card, VCM32 Universal PRI Trunk Card, one DS30 Module.
Answer: D

6.Aplication can be used in Conjunction with one-X Portal to provide full softphone and call handing capability for us
A. Office Voice Portal
B. Office Video Softphone
C. Office Phone Manager Pro
D. Office Softconsole
Answer: B

7.Which item must be completed for an IP Office user to be counted in CCR as an agent?
A. User must be defined as an agent in one-X Portal.
B. force Account Code must be checked on the user s Supervisor tab.
C. CCR Agent Must be checked on the user s Supervisor tab.
D. User must be a member of a hunt group.
Answer: C

8.Secure Digital (SD) card commands can be invoked from which two sources? (Choose two.)
A. one-X Portal
B. IP Office Manager
C. Avaya telephones
D. VoiceMail Pro Clint
E. one-X Portal for IP Office
Answer: B, C

9.Which two are power option for IP telephones on the IP Office? (Choose two.)
A. Class B 24 Volt power supply
B. Class A 24 Volt power supply
C. Power-over-Ethemet switch conforming to 802.3af standards
D. 1151D1 Indiviual Power Supply and the 1151D2 Individual Power Supply with Battery Backup
Answer: C, D

10.Click the Exhibit button.
A new customer reported an issue on their sire in Milan. The IP telephone can login but cannot make calls to any agents that are using analog telephones.
Based on the System Monitor traces shown in the exhibit,what is the problem?
A. You need to buy additional licenses
B. All cards may not be seated correctly.
C. 20 packets missed means too many packets lost; IP Office stops the call ptoceeding.
D. Embedded Voicemail is not running properly.
Answer: B