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27 Mar

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  • 3101 Questions & Answers
  • Exam Code: 3101
  • Exam Name: Avaya Aura Communication Manager and CM Messaging – Embedded Maintenance and Troubleshooting Exam
  • Q & A: 80 Q&As

1.Avaya communication Manager utilizes several timers that facilitate gateway and endpoint recovery when either is disconnected from their respective resources.
Which types of link recovery does Communication Manager Support?
A. H.248 link loss recovery
B. H. 323 link loss recovery
C. Both H.248 and H.323 link loss recoveryNeither
D. Neither H.248 nor H.323 link loss recovery
Answer: A

2.Which two SAT based tools are helpful in diagnosing call setup sequences and processor two.?
A. List trace station/tac/ras command
B. Status media processor hoard
C. mst (Message Sequence Tracecommand
D. status processor -ip-inter face
E. List measurements clan/dsl/a
Answer: A

3.Which document would you use to interpret the information in the exhibit?
A. Communication Manager Alarms
B. Communication Manager procedures
C. Communication Manager server Alarms
D. Communication Manager Denial Event
Answer: A

4.Which command can you use to troubleshoot port network routing/tracing problems to devices greater than six hops away?
A. tracert
B. trace-rout
C. List trace
D. /user/sbin/tracepath6
Answer: B

5.A user is a new employee of ABC Co. and their manager supplies them with 9600 desktop IP telephone and login information and tells the user to plug the cord into the jack near their desk. The user plugs in the telephone, lifts the handset, but there is no dial tone and call cannot be made.
What should the user do? (Choose two)
A. Unplug the telephone and plug it back again.
B. returns the telephone because it is defective
C. Wait for the prompt for the extension number and password
D. Plug the telephone into another jack.
Answer: A,D

6.Telephone bills indicate an unusual level of usage of outbound traffic on the inbound-only trunk. Which command would you use to validate that calls are not being made on the inbound trunk group only?
A. list trace tac
B. List measurement route-pattern
C. List measurementstrunk-group
D. List measurementscall-rate
Answer: D

7.Avaya Aura System Platform (SP) is necessary for all Communication Manager (CM) Release 6.0 and higher.
What procedures do you use to update system platform supporting duplex services without interrupting service?
A. Update SP only on the active side, force a server interchange and update SP on the other side.
B. Update standby SP, set standby CM as active, update other SP and set other CM as standby
C. Update SP only on the active side; the standby side is synchronized automatically.
D. Update both the active and standby SP at the same time.
Answer: B

8.In addition to consulting Avaya Aura Communication Manager Server Alarms (03-602798) for
interpreting the Server Alarms section of the Current Alarms Page as shown In the exhibit, what other information source helps interpret these alarms l
A. Status Summary page (SMI)
B. SAT: display alarms comma
C. Server manufacture s maintenance documentation
D. SAT: display events command
Answer: D

9.In Which three places can you look up the branch gateway firmware version? (Choose three)
A. tem Management Interface (SMI)
B. GUI Device Manage
C. System Access Terminal (SAT)
D. Gateway command line
E. Linux command line
Answer: C,D,E

10.You have activated Outcalllng but it Is sometimes delayed when sending out the notifications. All the outcalling defaults will improve the situation?
Which option will improve this situation?
A. Turn outcalling off and then on again.
B. Restart messaging.
C. Increase the maximum simultaneous ports and used for outcalling
D. Change the outcalling start and end times.
Answer: C