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11 Dec

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You are the network manager for a small company.
You have a junior IT administrator who did some installations last week on a Windows 7 machine.
How can you see what applications were installed last week on the Windows 7 machine?

A.    View the informational events of Reliability Monitor.
B.    Open Control Panel, Add/Remove programs.
C.    Check Event Viewer system logs.
D.    View the data collector sets.

Answer: A

You are the network administrator for Stellacon Corporation. Users in the sales department have been complaining that the Sales application is slow to load. Using Performance Monitor, you create a baseline report for one of the computers, monitoring memory, the processor, the disk subsystem, and the network subsystem. You notice that the disk subsystem has a high load of activity. What other subsystem should you monitor before you can know for sure whether you have a disk subsystem bottleneck?

A.    Memory
B.    Processor
C.    Network
D.    Application

Answer: A

Your accounting department runs a processor – intensive application and you are trying to
determine whether their current computers need to have the processors upgraded. You load
a test computer with a configuration identical to the production computers’ and run a program
that simulates a typical user’s workload. You monitor the Processor > % Processor
Time counter. What average value for this counter would indicate a processor bottleneck?

A.    Over 5 percent
B.    Over 50 percent
C.    Over 60 percent
D.    Over 85 percent

Answer: D

You are the network administrator for a large corporation. The accounting department requires that a specific application, STELLAPP.EXE , be run every day to create daily reports on accounting activity. The application needs to be run at 6 p.m. on Monday through Friday.
The accounting manager has asked you to automate the process so reports are generated on the specified schedule without any user interaction. Which Windows 7 utility should you use?

A.    Task Scheduler
B.    Automated Scheduler
C.    Task Manager
D.    Task Automater

Answer: A

You are the network administrator for a large company. The payroll manager has Windows 7 installed on her desktop computer. The computer has the following configuration:
Dual Pentium 4 processors
1 GB of RAM
Two physical SCSI disks
Disk 0 has volume C:
Disk 1 has volume D:
1.5 GB page file on partition C:
100 Mbps Fast Ethernet NIC
The payroll manager requires the use of a database application. She has come to you to report that when the database application is running, the computer slows down very signifi cantly, and she is unable to run any other applications.
You run Reliability and Performance Monitor on her computer and record the following information when the database application is running:
– Sustained processor utilization is at 100 percent for both processors.
– There are a significant number of hard page faults.
When you record the data for the computer when the database application is not running, you record the following information:
– Average processor utilization is at 30 percent.
– There are a significant number of hard page faults.
The database application is critical to the fi nance manager’s job. In order to be able to better manage her productivity, which two of the following actions will have the greatest impact on optimizing her computer’s performance? Choose two.

A.    Upgrade the processors in her computer.
B.    Add memory to the computer.
C.    Split the page file over D: and E:.
D.    Increase the page file to 3 GB.

Answer: AB

You are the network administrator for an organization that has decided to migrate to Windows 7. Part of your job requires that you are able to complete the following:
– Collect data from the local or remote Windows 7 computers on the network. You can collect data from a single computer or multiple computers concurrently.
– View data as it is being collected in real time, or historically from collected data.
Which Windows 7 application can you use to achieve your task?

A.    Event Viewer
B.    Computer Monitor
C.    Windows 7 Monitor
D.    Performance Monitor

Answer: D

You are the network administrator for a large organization. You are running Windows 7 machines throughout your network along with Windows Server 2008 R2. You need to use Event Viewer to review event logs for Critical and Error events only. You need to see all of these events from the logs. What do you do to achieve this?

A.    Use the Administrative Events view.
B.    Create a custom view and choose Administrative Events.
C.    Do a search on the system log for all of these events.
D.    Create a custom view and select Critical, Error, and Verbose for all logs.

Answer: D

You are the network administrator for an organization that runs Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. You are asked by your IT manager to collect performance data on a Windows 7 machine, for a period of three weeks. The IT manager wants CPU utilization, disk utilization, and memory utilization all included in the data collected. How should you accomplish this?

A.    Create a user – defined data collector set.
B.    Create a custom performance set.
C.    Create a trace event.
D.    Create a session data collector set.

Answer: A

While using Performance Monitor, you use the following output mode.
Which output mode are you using?


A.    Histogram bar view
B.    Graph view
C.    Report view
D.    Line view

Answer: D

While using Performance Monitor, you use the following output mode.


Which output mode are you using?

A.    Histogram bar view
B.    Graph view
C.    Report view
D.    Line view

Answer: A

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