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23 Jul

Vendor: Check Point
Exam Code: 156-815.71
Exam Name: Check Point Certified Managed Security Expert R71

Which of the following information is necessary when installing the MDS?

A.    One-time password, and type of MDS
B.    IP address range for virtual IP addresses, and type of MDS
C.    Designate primary or secondary, and type of MDS
D.    IP address of Secondary MDS, and type of MDS

Answer: C

What are the three viewing modes in the MDG’s General View?

A.    MDS, MLM, Container
B.    Customer Contents, MDS Contents, Network Objects
C.    CMA Status, MDS Status, General Status

Answer: B

Khanh is a manager of a specific group which has a CMA defined for managing its gateways. He needs to log in to change the policies for his gateways, but access to the MDG is not required. What administrator account type should be defined so he only accesses the CMA via SmartDashboard?

A.    Customer Manager
B.    No administrator account type needs to be defined for this purpose.
C.    Global Administrator
D.    Customer Superuser

Answer: B

Michelle is the manager in charge of a large Multi-Domain Management with Provider-1 deployment. Due to job responsibility changes, she needs someone to manage everything within the Provider-1 environment should she be unavailable while traveling. She has chosen her assistant Josh for this duty. What administrator account type should she assign to Josh in the MDG?

A.    Customer Superuser
B.    Provider-1 Superuser
C.    Customer Manager
D.    Global Administrator

Answer: B

A Multi-Domain Management with Provider-1 Administrator can use the MDG to connect to which of the following MDS server types?

A.    1 and 2
B.    2 and 4
C.    3 and 4
D.    1 and 3

Answer: A

Drew is the system administrator of the server that is running the Multi-Domain Management with Provider-1 MDS for his company, but does not manage the Provider-1 environment. The Provider- 1 manager and the entire staff have left to a team-building event. Drew needs to define a new Provider-1 Superuser, but only has the OS login credentials and does not have the credentials to log into the MDG. What command can he use to create this new administrator account?

A.    mdsenv new_admin
B.    mdsconfig
C.    mdscmd add_administrator
D.    cplic add_administrator

Answer: B

When configuring a Global Rule Base, you discover that it is necessary to define a NAT rule. How do you configure this requirement?

A.    Select the NAT tab in the Global SmartDashboard to define manual NAT rules.
B.    Automatic NAT rules cannot be configured with the Global SmartDashboard. Manual NAT rules can
be configured by switching to the NAT tab.
C.    In the Global SmartDashboard there is no NAT tab, so no manual rules can be defined ?but it is
possible to configure automatic NAT rules in the properties of a Network or Host, respectively.
D.    It is not possible to define a NAT Rule Base in the Global SmartDashboard. Global objects might be
defined, but NAT has to be configured at the local CMA.

Answer: D

What type of user does the icon signify?

A.    Provider Superuser
B.    Customer Superuser
C.    Custom Administrator
D.    Customer Manager

Answer: B

Which of the following is the Administrators Toolbar?
Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D


A.    Exhibit A
B.    Exhibit B
C.    Exhibit C
D.    Exhibit D

Answer: C

Which service does the MDG use to connect to the MDS?

A.    SCV
B.    CPMI
C.    SAM
D.    SMTP

Answer: B

The MDG Login requires three components: 1.) username or Certificate, 2.) password, and 3.) ____________.

A.    Resolvable name of Primary MDS
B.    Default IP address of CMA
C.    Resolvable name of CMA
D.    IP address of CMA

Answer: A

The MDG Login requires three components: 1.) username or Certificate, 2.) password, and 3.) ____________.

A.    Default IP address of CMA
B.    MDS IP address
C.    Resolvable name of CMA
D.    IP address of CMA

Answer: B

Which subdirectory under /opt contains installation and upgrade log files?

A.    CPInstLog
B.    CPIlog
C.    CPLogInst
D.    CPlog

Answer: A

What happens when mds_backup is run with -l switch?

A.    Back up only active log file
B.    Include all logs from the backup file
C.    Exclude all logs from the backup file
D.    Do not back up only active log file

Answer: C

Which of the following commands would you use to delete a customer from the MDS using the CLI?

A.    mcd
B.    mdscmd
C.    mds_del_customer
D.    mdsstop_customer

Answer: B

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