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4 Apr

Which process is involved in monitoring an IT service and detecting when the performance drops below acceptable limits?

A.    Service asset and configuration management
B.    Event management
C.    Service catalogue management
D.    Problem management

Answer: B

Which one of the following do major incidents require?

A.    Separate procedures
B.    Less urgency
C.    Longer timescales
D.    Less documentation

Answer: A

What is the BEST description of the purpose of the service operation stage of the service lifecycle?

A.    To decide how IT will engage with suppliers during the service lifecycle
B.    To proactively prevent all outages to IT services
C.    To design and build processes that will meet business needs
D.    To deliver and manage IT services at agreed levels to business users and customers

Answer: D

In terms of adding value to the business, which one of the following describes service operations contribution?

A.    The cost of the service is designed, predicted and validated
B.    Measures for optimization are identified
C.    Service value is modeled
D.    Service value is visible to customers

Answer: D

Which one of the following are the two primary elements that create value for customers?

A.    Value on investment (VOI) and return on investment (ROI)
B.    Customer and user satisfaction
C.    Service requirements and warranty
D.    Resources and capabilities

Answer: D

Which one of the following statements BEST describes a definitive media library (DML)?

A.    A secure location where definitive hardware spares are held
B.    A secure library where definitive authorized versions of all media configuration items (CIs) are
stored and protected
C.    A database that contains definitions of all media CIs
D.    A secure library where definitive authorized versions of all software and back-ups are stored and

Answer: B

Which one of the following is it the responsibility of supplier management to negotiate and agree?

A.    Service level agreements (SLAs)
B.    Third-party contracts
C.    The service portfolio
D.    Operational level agreements (OLAs)

Answer: B

Which one of the following is NOT a responsibility of the service transition stage of the service lifecycle?

A.    To ensure that a service can be managed and operated in accordance with constraints specified during design
B.    To design and develop capabilities for service management
C.    To provide good-quality knowledge and information about services
D.    To plan the resources required to manage a release

Answer: B

Which of the following are managed by facilities management?
1. Hardware within a data centre or computer room
2. Applications
3. Power and cooling equipment
4. Recovery sites

A.    1, 2 and 3 only
B.    All of the above
C.    1, 3 and 4 only
D.    1 and 3 only

Answer: C

Which stage of the service lifecycle is MOST concerned with defining policies and objectives?

A.    Service design
B.    Service transition
C.    Continual service improvement
D.    Service operation

Answer: A

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