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9 Apr

Which one of the following is the BEST definition of an event?

A.    Any change of state that has significance for the management of a configuration item (CI) or IT service
B.    An unplanned interruption to an IT service or a reduction in the quality of an IT service
C.    The unknown cause of one or more incidents that have an impact on an IT service
D.    Reducing or eliminating the cause of an incident or problem

Answer: A

Which one of the following is the BEST description of the purpose of the service operation stage of the service lifecycle?

A.    To decide how IT will engage with suppliers during the service lifecycle
B.    To proactively prevent all outages to IT services
C.    To design and build processes which will meet business needs
D.    To deliver and manage IT services at agreed levels to business users and customers

Answer: D

Which one of the following is the BEST description of a major incident?

A.    An incident which is so complex that it requires root cause analysis before a workaround can be found
B.    An incident which requires a large number of people to resolve
C.    An incident logged by a senior manager
D.    An incident which has a high priority or a high impact on the business

Answer: D

Which of the following availability management activities is/are considered to be proactive as opposed to reactive?
1. Monitoring system availability
2. Designing availability into a proposed solution

A.    None of the above
B.    Both of the above
C.    1 only
D.    2 only

Answer: D

Which one of the following would NOT involve event management?

A.    Intrusion detection
B.    Recording and monitoring environmental conditions in the data centre
C.    Recording service desk staff absence
D.    Monitoring the status of configuration items

Answer: C

The multi-level SLA’ is a three-layer structure. Which one of the following layers is NOT part of this type of SLA?

A.    Customer level
B.    Service level
C.    Corporate level
D.    Configuration level

Answer: D

Which processes are responsible for the regular review of underpinning contracts?

A.    Supplier management and service level management
B.    Supplier management and change management
C.    Availability management and service level management
D.    Supplier management and availability management

Answer: A

Which process is responsible for controlling, recording and reporting on the relationships between components of the IT infrastructure?

A.    Service level management
B.    Change management
C.    Incident management
D.    Service asset and configuration management

Answer: D

Which one of the following activities is NOT part of the Deming Cycle?

A.    Act
B.    Plan
C.    Do
D.    Co-ordinate

Answer: D

Which one of the following is the BEST description of a service level agreement (SLA)?

A.    The part of a contract that specifies the responsibilities of each party
B.    An agreement between the service provider and an internal organization
C.    An agreement between a service provider and an external supplier
D.    An agreement between the service provider and their customer

Answer: D


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