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15 Apr

Which of the following activities would be performed by a process manager?
1. Monitoring and reporting on process performance
2. Identifying improvement opportunities
3. Appointing people to required roles

A.    All of the above
B.    1 and 3 only
C.    1 and 2 only
D.    2 and 3 only

Answer: A

Which role is accountable for the operational management of a process?

A.    Process practitioner
B.    Process manager
C.    Service manager
D.    Change manager

Answer: B

Which of the following statements is CORRECT for every process?
1. It delivers its primary results to a customer or stakeholder
2. It defines activities that are executed by a single function

A.    Both of the above
B.    1 only
C.    Neither of the above
D.    2 only

Answer: B

Which of the following should be done when closing an incident?
1. Check the incident categorization and correct it if necessary
2. Check that the user is satisfied with the outcome

A.    1 only
B.    Both of the above
C.    2 only
D.    Neither of the above

Answer: B

Which of the following is NOT an objective of request fulfillment?

A.    To provide information to users about what services are available and how to request them
B.    To update the service catalogue with services that may be requested through the service desk
C.    To provide a channel for users to request and receive standard services
D.    To source and deliver the components of standard services those have been requested

Answer: B

Which process would you MOST expect to be involved in the management of underpinning contracts?

A.    Change management
B.    Service catalogue management
C.    Supplier management
D.    Release and deployment management

Answer: C

Which of the following are valid parts of the service portfolio?
1. Service pipeline
2. Service knowledge management system (SKMS)
3. Service catalogue

A.    1 and 2 only
B.    3 only
C.    1 and 3 only
D.    All of the above

Answer: C

A Service design package (SDP) would normally be produced for which of the following?
1. A new IT service
2. A major change to an IT service
3. An emergency change to an IT service
4. An IT service retirement

A.    2, 3 and 4 only
B.    1, 2 and 4 only
C.    None of the above
D.    All of the above

Answer: B

Which of the following are benefits to the business of implementing service transition?
1. Better reuse and sharing of assets across projects and resources
2. Reduced cost to design new services
3. Result in higher volume of successful changes

A.    1 and 2 only
B.    2 and 3 only
C.    1 and 3 only
D.    None of the above

Answer: C

Which of the following processes are performed by the service desk?
1. Capacity management
2. Request fulfillment
3. Demand management
4. Incident management

A.    All of the above
B.    3 and 4 only
C.    2 and 4 only
D.    2 only

Answer: C

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