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15 Apr

Remediation planning is BEST described in which of the following ways?

A.    Planning how to recover the cost of a change
B.    Planning the steps required to be taken if a change is unsuccessful
C.    Planning how to compensate a user for a failed change
D.    Planning how to advise the change requestor of a failed change

Answer: B

Which statement BEST represents the guidance on incident logging?

A.    Incidents must only be logged if a resolution is not immediately available
B.    Only incidents reported to the service desk can be logged
C.    All incidents must be fully logged
D.    The service desk decide which incidents to log

Answer: C

Which problem management activity ensures that a problem can be easily tracked and management information can be obtained?

A.    Categorization
B.    Detection
C.    Prioritization
D.    Escalation

Answer: A

Which process is responsible for eliminating recurring incidents and minimizing the impact of incidents that cannot be prevented?

A.    Service level management
B.    Problem management
C.    Change management
D.    Event management

Answer: B

What are the categories of events described in the ITIL service operation book?

A.    Informational, scheduled, normal
B.    Scheduled, unscheduled, emergency
C.    Informational, warning, exception
D.    Warning, reactive, proactive

Answer: C

Which of the following is the BEST description of a centralized service desk?

A.    The desk is co-located within or physically close to the user community it serves
B.    The desk uses technology and other support tools to give the impression that multiple desk locations
are in one place
C.    The desk provides 24 hour global support
D.    There is a single desk in one location serving the whole organization

Answer: D

Which of the following would be most useful in helping to implement a workaround as quickly as possible?

A.    A capacity database
B.    A definitive media library
C.    A request for change
D.    A known error database

Answer: D

Which of the following would NOT be contained in a release policy?

A.    Naming and numbering conventions
B.    Entry and exit criteria of the release into testing
C.    Roles and responsibilities for the release
D.    The risk register for the release

Answer: D

Which reason describes why ITIL is so successful?

A.    The five ITIL volumes are concise
B.    It is not tied to any particular vendor platform
C.    It tells service providers exactly how to be successful
D.    It is designed to be used to manage projects

Answer: B

What type of record should you raise when a problem diagnosis is complete and a workaround is available?

A.    A service object
B.    An incident
C.    A change
D.    A known error

Answer: D

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