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13 Mar

Service design emphasizes the importance of the “Four Ps”. These “Four Ps” include Partners, People, Processes and one other “P”. Which of the following is the additional “P”?

A.    Profit
B.    Preparation
C.    Products
D.    Potential

Answer: C

Which of the following is NOT one of the five individual aspects of service design?

A.    The design of the service portfolio, including the service catalogue
B.    The design of new or changed services
C.    The design of market spaces
D.    The design of the technology architectures

Answer: C

Where would you expect incident resolution targets to be documented?

A.    A service level agreement (SLA)
B.    A request for change (RFC)
C.    The service portfolio
D.    A service description

Answer: A

Which of the following provide value to the business from service strategy?
1. Enabling the service provider to have a clear understanding of what levels of service will make their customer’s successful
2. Enabling the service provider to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the business environment
3. Reduction in the duration and frequency of service outages

A.    All of the above
B.    1 and 3 only
C.    1 and 2 only
D.    2 and 3 only

Answer: C

What are the categories of event described in the ITIL service operation book?

A.    Informational, scheduled, normal
B.    Scheduled, unscheduled, emergency
C.    Informational, warning, exception
D.    Warning, reactive, proactive

Answer: C

A process owner is responsible for which of the following?
1. Defining the process strategy
2. Assisting with process design
3. Improving the process
4. Performing all activities involved in a process

A.    2, 3 and 4 only
B.    All of the above
C.    1, 2 and 3 only
D.    1, 2 and 4 only

Answer: C

Which one of the following is concerned with policy and direction?

A.    Capacity management
B.    Governance
C.    Service design
D.    Service level management

Answer: B

Which of the following should be considered when designing measurement systems, methods and metrics?
1. The services
2. The architectures
3. The configuration items
4. The processes

A.    1, 2 and 3 only
B.    1, 3 and 4 only
C.    2, 3 and 4 only
D.    All of the above

Answer: D

Which of the following is the best definition of IT service management?

A.    An internal service provider that is embedded within a business unit
B.    A complete set of all the documentation required to deliver world class services to customers
C.    Technical implementation of supporting IT infrastructure components
D.    The implementation and management of quality IT services that meet business needs

Answer: D

Which of the following is service transition planning and support NOT responsible for?

A.    Prioritizing conflicts for service transition resources
B.    Coordinating the efforts required to manage multiple simultaneous transitions
C.    Maintaining policies, standards and models for service transition activities and processes
D.    Detailed planning of the build and test of individual changes

Answer: D

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