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17 Mar

Which statement about the emergency change advisory board (ECAB) is CORRECT?

A.    The ECAB considers every high priority request for change (RFC)
B.    Amongst the duties of the ECAB is the review of completed emergency changes
C.    The ECAB will be used for emergency changes where there may not be time to call a full CAB
D.    The ECAB will be chaired by the IT Director

Answer: C

Which of the following BEST describes a problem?

A.    An issue reported by a user
B.    The cause of two or more incidents
C.    A serious incident which has a critical impact to the business
D.    The cause of one or more incidents

Answer: D

Which of the following is NOT a recognized example of a service provider type within the ITIL framework?

A.    Internal
B.    External
C.    Service desk
D.    Shared services unit

Answer: C

Which one of the following statements about incident reporting and logging is CORRECT?

A.    Incidents can only be reported by users
B.    Incidents can be reported by anyone who detects a disruption or potential disruption to normal
C.    All calls to the service desk must be logged as incidents
D.    Incidents reported by technical staff must also be logged as problems

Answer: B

Which process is responsible for providing the rights to use an IT service?

A.    Incident management
B.    Access management
C.    Change management
D.    Request fulfillment

Answer: B

What type of services are NOT directly used by the business but are required by the service provider to deliver customer facing services?

A.    Business services
B.    Component services
C.    Supporting services
D.    Customer services

Answer: C

Which of the following areas would technology help to support during the service lifecycle?
1. Data mining and workflow
2. Measurement and reporting
3. Release and deployment
4. Process design

A.    2, 3 and 4 only
B.    1, 3 and 4 only
C.    1, 2 and 3 only
D.    All of the above

Answer: D

How many people should be accountable for a process as defined in the RACI model?

A.    As many as necessary to complete the activity
B.    Only one – the process owner
C.    Two – the process owner and the process enactor
D.    Only one – the process architect

Answer: B

The addition, modification or removal of an authorized, planned or supported service or service component and its associated documentation is a definition of what?

A.    A change
B.    A change model
C.    A change request
D.    A change advisory board

Answer: A

Where should the following information be stored?
1. The experience of staff
2. Records of user behaviour
3. Supplier’s abilities and requirements
4. User skill levels

A.    The forward schedule of change
B.    The service portfolio
C.    A configuration management database (CMDB)
D.    The service knowledge management system (SKMS)

Answer: D

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