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13 Aug

Radvision Scopia® Solution for Video Communications Exam: 3103 Exam
3103 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: 3103
Exam Name: Radvision Scopia® Solution for Video Communications Exam
Q & A: 45 Q&As

Does the MCU support mixing H-323 and SIP terminals in the same conference?
A. Yes, for all conferences.
B. Yes, but only after SIP Support is disabled in the MCU.
C. Mixing will be supported in the next release.
D. No, mixing is not supported.
Answer: A

How can you limit the default call bandwidth for a specific user in a deployment that includes the
iVIEW Management Suite?
A. Limiting the bandwidth can be done only through the end-points.
B. The default call bandwidth can be limited as part of the terminal configuration set.
C. After the call is connected, limit the bandwidth through the meeting control screen.
D. Limiting the bandwidth cannot be done for a specific user.
Answer: C

What connectivity method(s) are available for H.323 clients to dial-in into the PathFinder server?
A. PathFinder Client and H.460 support only.
B. Either PathFinder Client and H.460, or PathFinder Client and H.323 DirectPublic Access support.
C. PathFinderClient,H.460 support, and H.323 Direct Public Access support.
D. PathFinder Client only.
Answer: C

Which activity cannot be performed by an MCU operator?
A. MCU configuration
B. Managing another conference
C. Viewing the conference list
D. Disconnecting a conference
Answer: B

What is the maximum High Definition (HD) resolution supported by the Elite MCU?
A. 480P
B. 720P
C. 1080i
D. 1080P
Answer: D

Which statement regarding Telepresence is correct?
A. Telepresence requires iVIEW Management Suite as part of the deployment.
B. Telepresence does not require a specific MCU license in a multi-point call.
C. Telepresence is currently only interoperable with Tandberg.
D. Telepresence is supported for SIP endpoints.
Answer: D

Your organization is planning to implement a visual communications solution. You have
approximately 25 employees with one main meeting room. The requirement is to be able to join
meetings from both the meeting room (with H.323 and SIP) and the desktop. Which deployment
scenario will satisfy the requirements for only one conference at a time?
A. Deployment A -MCUstandalone
B. Deployment B-XT1000 with XT Desktop Connectivity
C. Deployment C-Centralized
D. Deployment D-Centralized with external connectivity
Answer: B

Which three Interfaces are available for scheduling an iVIEW conference? (Choose three)
A. Yahoo Messenger
B. IBM Lotus Notes
C. GoogleTalk
D. iVIEWWeb Interface
E. Microsoft Outlook Client
Answer: BDE

What is the maximum High Definition (HD) resolution supported by SCOPIA XT Desktop?
A. 448P
B. 720P
C. 1080i
D. 1080P
Answer: D

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