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6 Sep

Avaya Proactive Contact Implementation and Maintenance Exam: 3303 Exam
3303 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: 3303
Exam Name: Avaya Proactive Contact Implementation and Maintenance Exam
Q & A: 85 Q&As

A system operator needs to see failed login attempts on the Avaya Proactive Contact 5.X dialer.
Which login type must be used to see these failed attempts?
A. sysadm
B. system
C. auditor
D. reporter
Answer: C

A business has a three dialer pod (one primary and two secondary) and ten supervisor
workstations. How many Java processes should be running while checking mid-tier services
A. 3
B. 4
C. 10
D. 13
E. 14
Answer: A

A system operator opens a Job Status view in the Avaya Proactive Contact Monitor and notices
that the status for job EXP100 is shown as Active, but the character-based Job Monitor no longer
shows the job as running. The system operator calls support and asks for an explanation.
Which three actions would you perform to begin troubleshooting the problem? (Choose three.)
A. Log on to the dialer and run check_db and check_mts.
B. Instruct the supervisor on how to generate debugging data in the cd.log file and ask the supervisor
to send you the output for analysis.
C. Tell the supervisor how to locate her personal directory and how to delete all the .cmv files foundthere.
D. Log on to the dialer and run sqlplus, and then enter the following query: SQL> select * from mo_last_status;
E. Log on to the dialer and run sqlplus, and then enter the following query:
SQL> select * from dialerdef;
Answer: ADE

A system is logging errors on a porter process during every reboot/restart of Proactive Contact.
Which two parameters, if mismatched, would cause this? (Choose two.)
A. PORTSinmaster, cfg
B. OPERATORS in master, cfg
C. MAXHIDSLOTS in master, cfg
D. H specified ports configuredindgswitch.cfg
E. N specified ports configured in dgswitch.cfg
Answer: AE

A company’s host needs the ability to send multiple downloads to the Proactive Contact system
throughout the day rather than one automatic download in the morning. This must occur without
interruption in calling activity.
Which feature accomplishes this?
A. Infinite Job
B. Post update
C. Virtual Agent
D. Batch Campaign Update
Answer: A

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