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18 Aug

Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-536
Exam Name: Oracle Exadata 11g Essentials

What model of the Exadata Database Machine come with 3 Infiniband switches?
A.    Quarter Rack of X2-2
B.    Half Rack of X2-2
C.    Full Rack of X2-2
D.    All models

Answer: C

Which types of data are most likely to be cached In the Exadata SmartFlash Cache?

A.    Results of random reads.
B.    Results of table scans.
C.    Write to a mirror
D.    Redo data
E.    All data is cached In the Flash Cache

Answer: A

Your customer wants to use Hybrid Columnar Compression to get maximum compression on their data. Which option represents a best practice for achieving this goal?

A.    Load compressed files with Direct Path loading
B.    Sort incoming data on a column with a low cardinality
C.    Use DBFS and external flies to load the data
D.    Use Data Pump to load data

Answer: C

Which statement would you make about sharing I/O resources in an Exadata environment?

A.    You can manage workloads within a database with Database Resource Manager.
B.    You can manage workloads across multiple databases with Database Resource Manager.
C.    You can manage workloads within a database with 10 Resource Manager.
D.    You cannot manage workloads across multiple databases.

Answer: A

How do you back up the software used on an Exadata storage cell?

A.    You use RMAN.
B.    You back up the software files using an operating system method.
C.    You do a complete copy of their system storage area.
D.    You do not need to backup this software, as there is an automated recovery mechanism built into each cell.

Answer: D

Which statement properly describes potential allocation for a grid disk?

A.    A grid disk must use all of a cell disk.
B.    A grid disk can only use portions of a cell disk across all cells.
C.    A grid disk can use portions of a cell disk on a subset of cells.
D.    A grid disk can span multiple Exadata Storage Server cells.

Answer: C

Which resource plan is evaluated first by the I/O Resource Manager?

A.    Storage plan
B.    Category plan
C.    Inter-database plan
D.    Intra-database plan

Answer: B

What does the role attribute of a DB plan Indicate?

A.    The role specified for the category.
B.    The role specified for the user.
C.    The role specified In a Data Guard environment.
D.    The role specified for the application.

Answer: C

If a hard drive is removed from a storage cell, what must you do?

A.    Nothing.
B.    The cell must be rebooted.
C.    You must alter ASM to alert it.
D.    You must recreate any grid disks that use the drive.

Answer: A

Your customer has designated a number of database objects to be kept persistently in the Exadata Smart Flash Cache. What happens if the total size of these objects is greater than 80% of the size of the available Exadata Smart Flash Cache?

A.    Nothing
B.    Exadata Smart Flash Cache expands the allocation to hold the objects.
C.    Not all objects will be stored in Exadata Smart Flash Cache.
D.    Overall performance is increased as more objects fit into Exadata Smart Flash Cache.

Answer: C

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