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11 Feb

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What is the first customer requirement that you should verify before starting an upgrade assessment?

A.    Whether the upgrade from the customer’s current implementation version to the targeted version ofMicrosoft Dynamics is supported.
B.    Whether there are additional business requirements that must be accounted for.
C.    Whether customizations were implemented in the current version and how well these are documented.
D.    Whether the customer wants a technical or major upgrade.

Answer: A

You are an implementation consultant in an IT company.
The management team has decided to implement a Microsoft Dynamics product.
You need to conduct the Fit Gap and Solution Blueprint assessment.
Which of the following tasks are within the scope of the Fit Gap and Solution Blueprint? Choose the 3 that apply.

A.    Estimate the labor required to configure and customize each requirement
B.    Create detailed “To-be” process maps
C.    Create a prioritized list of requirements
D.    Review requirements against the current systems

Answer: ACD

After completing the diagnostic assessments, you have the following project data:
– There are at least 50 users
– One ISV solution is included
– Additional business process workflow mapping is required
– An estimate of 250 hours of customization and complex data migration is needed
– The implementation is planned for one site.
Which implementation approaches are recommended by Sure Step? Choose the 2
that apply.

A.    The Rapid Project Type
B.    The Standard Project Type
C.    The Enterprise Project Type
D.    The Agile Project Type

Answer: BD

You decide that a rapid implementation approach is appropriate for your current project.
How detailed should the scope documentation be for this type of engagement?

A.    The scope statement should be as detailed and clear as possible.
B.    The documentation does not need to be detailed.
C.    A rapid implementation approach does not require scope documentation.
D.    A rapid implementation only requires documentation of requirements that represent a gap in the Microsoft Dynamics solution.

Answer: A

You are the consultant on a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 implementation.
You need to review the benefits of a Scoping Assessment with the customer.
Which benefits of a Scoping Assessment might you discuss? Choose the 2 that apply.

A.    The available implementation options
B.    The cost analysis associated with each implementation option
C.    The certainty of a fixed total price for a well-defined project scope
D.    The additional insight into project scope based on detailed functional or technical specifications

Answer: AB

You are planning for a project that does not contain customizations and that will be implemented with an accelerated approach. How should you plan to migrate data ?

A.    During the development phase, develop the data migration scripts.
    Follow this activity with a review and update of the master data management process.
    Finalize the data migration Design in the Solution Design Document.
B.    Gather data migration requirements in the Analysis phase.
    Begin data migration in the Design phase.
    Schedule the final data migration to production to occur in the Deployment phase.
C.    Gather data migration requirements in the Analysis phase.
    During the Design phase, start the data migration design and create a subset of data for testing.
    In the Development phase, start to develop data migration scripts and plan to execute the final data migration to production in the Deployment phase.
D.    Gather data migration requirements in the Deployment phase.
    Develop the data migration scripts after requirements gathering is complete.
    Schedule the final data migration to production as close to the Go-live as possible.

Answer: B

As an application consultant, you specialize in the configuration of Microsoft Dynamics solutions.
Using the Sure Step Requirements and Configuration Cross-Phase, when should you begin your configuration activities?

A.    Start with configuration activities after the development activities are completed and before the final deployment activities.
B.    Start the configuration activities in the design phase and before development activities have started.
C.    Start the configuration activities during the business process analysis activities in the analysis phase.
D.    Start the configuration activities after the production environment has been fully installed.

Answer: B

A prospect told your sales representative that they are interested in implementing a Microsoft Dynamics solution. The prospect wants a supportive business software system, but has no formal requirements. Your sales representative asks you what to offer this customer.
What do you advise the sales representative to do?

A.    Provide a diagnostic offering to help the customer define requirements.
B.    Provide an optimization offering to help reduce risk and improve customer satisfaction.
C.    Provide a flexible and collaborative agile project approach to implement Microsoft Dynamics solutions.
D.    Offer an Analysis phase to gather detailed business requirements.

Answer: A

The development consultants are documenting the user interface, business and data layer components that will be required to deliver each proposed system modification.
They are also reviewing the design security and identifying additional security requirements.
What are they doing?

A.    Creating the gap design in the functional design document.
B.    Creating the solution design document, including all solution design elements for presentation and eventual sign-off by the customer.
C.    Creating the technical design document for the proposed system modification.
D.    Identifying process testing scenarios.

Answer: C

You are managing your project by means of a Standard Project Type approach.
In which phase do you plan to start configuring the Microsoft Dynamics application?

A.    Analysis
B.    Design
C.    Development
D.    Deployment

Answer: B

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