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23 Jan

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In which three areas of the network are you likely to find optical applications’? (Choose three )

A.    access
B.    short haul services
C.    metro/aggregation
D.    private enterprise
E.    government/federal
F.    long haul/core

Answer: ACF

Which configurations are offered for the Cisco NCS 2000?

A.    2 slot, 8 slot ,12 slot (future)
B.    4 slot, 6 slot, 15 slot (future)
C.    2 slot, 4 slot ,2 slot, 6 slot
D.    2 slot, 6 slot, 15 slot (future)

Answer: D

What is the maximum throughput per slot for the Cisco NCS 2000?

A.    200 Gb
B.    50 Gb
C.    100 Gb
D.    150 Gb
E.    500 Gb

Answer: A

Which three types of 100G client pluggable optics are supported on the NCS 2000? (Choose three.)

A.    CXP
B.    GBIC
C.    CPAK
D.    CFP
E.    XFP
F.    SFP

Answer: ACD

In which three configurations can NCS 2000 100G line cards be used? (Choose three.)

A.    muxponder trunk
B.    10G transponder
C.    100G regenerator
D.    40G transponder
E.    200G transponder
F.    100G transponder

Answer: ACF

Which type of fiber connector does CXP optics use?

A.    8-fiber MPO
B.    LC
C.    SC
D.    24-fiber MPO

Answer: D

In which type of configuration are the MD-48 add/drop modules unusable?

A.    colorless
B.    omnidirectional
C.    2-degree
D.    multidegree

Answer: A

How many ports does the 16-WXC-FS have for add/drop and degree expansion?

A.    18
B.    22
C.    8
D.    16
E.    2

Answer: D

Which action does the MF-4×4-COFS module perform on the signals entering its add/drop ports?

A.    cross connects to specific COM-TX ports
B.    broadcasts to all COM-TX ports
C.    demultiplexes the individual wavelengths
D.    multiplexes the individual wavelengths

Answer: B

Which option describes the purpose of the USB ports on the external connection unit of the NCS 2006?

A.    to charge a USB powered device
B.    load software via a thumb drive
C.    inventory and monitoring of passive optical devices
D.    multishelf management

Answer: C

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