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9 Feb

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Which action is required when configuring Flexible NetFlow on a Cisco Catalyst switch?

A.    Configure the flow descriptor.
B.    Configure the flow exporter.
C.    Configure the flow importer.
D.    Configure the flow reset target.

Answer: B

Which step is one of the typical configuration steps when configuring Flow Exporter for Prime Infrastructure 2.0 or higher?

A.    Set the IP address to export the Flexible NetFlow cache entry to a destination system.
B.    Configure the source IP address interface for each interface part of Flexible NetFlow exporter.
C.    Configure the TCP transport protocol and a TCP port number 1991 for a Flexible NetFlow flow exporter.
D.    Configure the TCP transport protocol and a TCP port number 9991 for a Flexible NetFlow flow exporter.

Answer: A

Which dashboard under Overview in Prime Infrastructure 2.0 do you use to identify authentication failures and client status?

A.    AVC dashboard
B.    Client dashboard
C.    General dashboard
D.    Context Aware dashboard

Answer: B

What is ISE profiling?

A.    a feature used to identify the endpoints based on network data obtained from a number of enabled probes
B.    an ISE function used for applying security templates to endpoints when ISE is integrated with Cisco Prime Infrastructure
C.    a dynamic policy feature that uses a number of enabled probes to apply the correct ACL to roaming wireless endpoints
D.    a form used for self-onboarding of wireless devices

Answer: A

Which option describes the benefits of a secure BYOD architecture using SGT?

A.    complex network design and lower operational costs
B.    eliminates ACL explosion and offloads filtering to ASA for rich and scalable policy rule automation
C.    complex network design and topology dependent segmentation using Security Group
D.    Segmentation using Security Group is topology dependent and offloads filtering to ASA for rich and scalable policy rule automation.

Answer: B

Which option can be a source of PI Assurance data?

A.    MPA on Catalyst 6500 Series Switches
B.    Catalyst 3850 Series Switch interface status
C.    NetFlow on Catalyst 4500 Series Switch
D.    ISE client join statistics
E.    WLC SNMP traps

Answer: C

Which option is an advantage of using Cisco Prime Infrastructure as a network management solution?

A.    single GUI interface to all Cisco network devices
B.    Prime Infrastructure can also perform data center and virtualization infrastructure management.
C.    Hybrid and cloud-based options allow for easy scaling to accommodate growth.
D.    can be licensed for wired-only or wireless-only versions

Answer: A

How can you customize the Home view of Prime Infrastructure?

A.    Open the Administration menu, select the Dashlets option, select new Dashlet, click Add to Home View.
B.    Open the Operate menu, select the Home View option, Choose Edit Home View, select new Dashlet from the list.
C.    Add Dashlets and edit existing Dashlets.
D.    Home view cannot be customized in Prime Infrastructure 2.0.

Answer: C

Which statement about Cisco ISE BYOD is true?

A.    Dual SSID allows EAP-TLS only when connecting to the secured SSID.
B.    Single SSID does not require endpoints to be registered.
C.    Dual SSID allows BYOD for guest users.
D.    Single SSID utilizes open SSID to accommodate different types of users.
E.    Single SSID allows PEAP-MSCHAPv2 for native supplicant provisioning.

Answer: E

Which two types of client provisioning resources are used for BYOD implementations? (Choose two.)

A.    user agent
B.    Cisco NAC agent
C.    native supplicant profiles
D.    device sensor
E.    software provisioning wizards

Answer: CE

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