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10 Feb

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Which platform is available with Cisco WAAS?

A.    software
B.    virtual appliance
C.    virtual module
D.    cloud connector

Answer: B

What is the primary characteristic of Cisco WAAS Express?

A.    application-centric
B.    link optimizer
C.    not supported in Cisco IWAN
D.    protocol-agnostic

Answer: B

Which technology enables customers to virtualize WAN optimization resources by pooling them into one elastic resource?

A.    Cisco Prime
B.    Akamai
C.    Cisco AppNav
D.    virtualization

Answer: C

Which product can be used with Cisco IWAN to provide advanced caching and content pre- positioning?

A.    Riverbed Technology
B.    Akamai Technologies
C.    Citrix Systems
D.    Rovio Technology Limited

Answer: B

Which two methods provide security with the Cisco IWAN solution? (Choose two.)

A.    intrusion prevention device
B.    Cisco CWS
C.    Cisco PIX firewall
D.    zone-based firewall
E.    Cisco AVC

Answer: BD

Which versatile, high-performance product provides up to three times better performance for IPsec on the ISR than without the product?

A.    Cisco VPN ISM
B.    Cisco NCE
C.    Cisco NSE
D.    Cisco ASA

Answer: A

Which cloud-based SaaS solution simplifies management and orchestration of a WAN infrastructure?

A.    Cisco Prime Infrastructure
B.    LiveAction
C.    Compuware Vantage
D.    Glue Networks

Answer: D

Which management platform is the Cisco IWAN solution of choice for providing visualization of performance routing?

A.    Cisco Prime Infrastructure
B.    LiveAction
C.    Compuware Vantage
D.    Glue Networks

Answer: B

Which option is a primary management tool for Cisco IWAN?

A.    Cisco Prime Infrastructure
B.    CiscoWorks
C.    Microsoft System Center
D.    NetScout nGeniusONE

Answer: A

Which type of Cisco Prime dashboard provides a broad overview of the health of the network and sites?

A.    Network Interface
B.    Application View
C.    Service Health
D.    Router Detail

Answer: C

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