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16 Feb

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What is the standard Subsystem Number for the Gf interface in the UMTS domain?

A.    6
B.    7
C.    8
D.    9

Answer: D

Which two functions does the SGSN perform? (Choose two.)

A.    mobility management
B.    charging
C.    dynamic IP address allocation to a subscriber
D.    dynamic policy control
E.    deep packet inspection

Answer: AB

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In MGT-based routing, which option is the GT address format of the called party?

A.    E.212
B.    E.164
C.    E.412
D.    E.214
E.    E.216

Answer: D

Which option is the page response for a PS paging request in 2G access?

A.    service request with type “data”
B.    service request with type “page response”
C.    any uplink LLC PDU from MS/BSC
D.    any uplink BSSGP PDU from MS/BSC
E.    service request with type “signaling”

Answer: C

Which option describes the ICAP protocol?

A.    ICAP is a protocol designed to enable inter-device communications for different vendor systems to share information about subscribers in a common format. ICAP allows for subscriber session control for actions such as session disconnect and suspension.
B.    ICAP is a protocol designed to enable subscribers to communicate in a peer-to-peer network for file sharing purposes and is often used to circumvent upstream content filtering.
C.    ICAP is a communication access package consisting of a mixed platform of services such as web, FTP, and authentication. ICAP is used to minimize the deployment footprint and expedite new offerings for Internet service providers.
D.    ICAP is a protocol designed to support dynamic content filtering, insertion, and modification of web pages. ICAP allows interaction with external content servers such as parental control (content filtering) servers to provide content filtering service support.

Answer: D

What does the MPLS combine with the performance and capabilities of Layer 2?

A.    industry-standard service level agreements
B.    a set of FECs
C.    the security of a Layer 2 VPN
D.    the proven scalability of Layer 3 routing

Answer: D

What type of network does the Cisco UMMT mobile backhaul solution support?

A.    only LTE networks
B.    legacy 2G networks
C.    legacy 2G and 3G networks
D.    LTE and legacy 2G and 3G networks

Answer: D

Which two parameters are used on the Cisco ASR 5000 GGSN to build the RADIUS authentication attribute Acct-Session-ID, sent within the RADIUS Disconnect-Request? (Choose two.)

A.    charging-ID
B.    IMSI
C.    RADIUS client IP address
E.    framed-IP-address
F.    username

Answer: AC

Which two options are benefits of Port Resource Pooling? (Choose two.)

A.    allows for increased number of network-requested PDP activations
B.    reduces the number of GGSN initiated deactivate procedure
C.    provides resiliency
D.    reduces the signaling towards the SMSC
E.    reduces the number of inter-SGSN RAU procedures

Answer: CD

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