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5 Dec

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R1 is designated as the PIM RP within the SP core. Which two configuration parameters must be used to enable and activate R1 as the BSR and RP for the core environment? (Choose two.)

A.    ip pim send-rp-announce loopback0 scope 16
B.    ip pim bsr-candidate loopback0
C.    ip pim send-rp-discovery loopback0 scope 16
D.    ip pim rp-candidate loopback0
E.    ip pim send-RP-announce loopback0 scope 16 group-list 1

Answer: BD

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Which three statements are correct regarding the various multicast groups? (Choose three.)

A.    Currently there is no source sending traffic to the multicast group
B.    PE5 has a Null OILforthe (*, entry
C.    PE5 has a Null OILforthe (*, entry
D.    CE5 has joined the multicast group
E.    CE5 has a Null OILforthe (*, entry

Answer: CDE
#show ip mroute

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Which router is configured as the RPforthe multicast group and which Is the multicast source that is currently sending traffic to the multicast group? (Choose two.)

A.    CE5
B.    PE5
C.    PE6

Answer: CE
#show ip mroute234.1.1.1
#show ip route

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Which two statements are correct regarding the multicast operations on the router that is the RP? (Choose two.)

A.    It is using IGMPv3
B.    The IGMP query interval is set to 125 seconds
C.    It is using the IPv4 unicast routing table to perform the RPF checks
D.    Static multicast routes are configured on the RP

Answer: AC
#show ip mroute
#show ip pim interface
#show ip igmp group
#show ip pim neighbor

An engineer is providing DNS for IPv6 over a currently working IPv4 domain.
Which three changes are needed to offer DNS functionality for IPv6? (Choose three.)

A.    Define a new record that stores the 128-bit IPv6 address.
B.    Expand the existing IP address record to allow for 128 bits.
C.    Define the IPv6 equivalent of the in-addr.arpa.com domain of the IPv4 PTR.
D.    Modify the in-addr.arpa.com domain of the IPv4 PTR.
E.    Change the query messages.
F.    Transport IPv6 query messages by using UDP.
G.    Transport IPv6 query messages by using TCP.

Answer: ACE

When configuring PIM operations, what is the effect of setting the SPT threshold to infinity?

A.    The multicast source to the RP path will never switch over to the shortest path tree
B.    All the PIM routers will have more (S,G) states, thus consuming more router resources
C.    The receivers will be able to immediately switch over to the shortest path tree after receiving the first multicast packets on the shared tree via the RP
D.    The last-hop routers will never switch over to the shortest path tree and will always remain on the shared tree

Answer: D

Which multicast group range is reserved for SSM?


Answer: C
PIM-SSM Operations
PIM in Source Specific Multicast operation uses information found on source addresses for a multicast group provided by receivers and performs source filtering on traffic.
By default, PIM-SSM operates in the multicast group range for IPv4 and ff3x::/32 (where x is any valid scope) in IPv6. To configure these values, use the ssm range command.
If SSM is deployed in a network already configured for PIM-SM, only the last-hop routers must be upgraded with Cisco IOS XR software that supports the SSM feature.
No MSDP SA messages within the SSM range are accepted, generated, or forwarded

Which two methods represent IPv6 tunneling implementations? (Choose two.)

A.    IPv6 over GRE tunneling
B.    manually configured tunnels
C.    automatic tunnels
D.    6to4 tunneling
E.    IPv6 over an IPv4 tunnel over MPLS

Answer: BC

Which difference occurs between intradomain and interdomain routing technology?

A.    PIM is used in intradomain routing technology and uses reverse path forwarding mechanism to implement optimize multicast data forwarding.
B.    MSDP is used in intradomain routing technology to discover the multicast source.
C.    Interdomain routing technology uses MSDP and M-BGP for exchanging multicast routing information.
D.    RP is not needed in intradomain routing technology, but RP is needed in interdomain routing technology to receive multicast traffic.

Answer: A

Which command configures a Source Specific Multicast on a Cisco IOS XR router?

A.    configure
multicast-routing address-family ipv4
interface all enable
router igmp
version 3
B.    configure
multicast-routing address-family ipv4
interface all enable
router igmp
version 2
C.    configure
multicast-routing address-family ipv4
interface all enable
router igmp
version 1
D.    configure
interface all enable
router igmp
version 3

Answer: A

When configuring BFD, the multiplier configuration option is used to determine which value?

A.    The retry interval
B.    The number of BFD packets that can be lost before the BFD peer is declared “down”
C.    The minimum interval between packets accepted from the BFD peers
D.    The number of BFD echo packets that will be originated by the router
E.    The number of routing protocols that will use BFD for fast peer failure detection

Answer: B

The multicast IP address maps to which multicast MAC address?

A.    01-00-5E-C0-10-01
B.    01-00-5E-40-10-01
C.    01-00-5E-00-10-01
D.    01-00-5E-C0-16-01

Answer: B
Least significant 23 bits of IP address and pre-pend 01-00-5E

224 ignore
192 less 128 becomes 64 = 40
16 = 10
1 = 01

A network engineer must deploy an iBGP-based cloud region configuration by means of templates to reduce the overall BGP CLI required. Which three commands represent a basic configuration for a BGP peer session template on a regular Cisco IOS instance? (Choose three.)

A.    template peer-session session-template-name
B.    remote-as as-number
C.    neighbor-family config template
D.    peer-family config template
E.    as-override
F.    timers keepalive-interval hold-time

Answer: ABF

Refer to the exhibit. Based on the output of two eBGP adjacent neighbors, which command can be used to set up the default BGP timers?


A.    RP/0/0/CPU0:R1(config-bgp)#timers bgp 60 30
B.    RP/0/0/CPU0:R2(config-bgp)#timers bgp 30 60
C.    RP/0/0/CPU0:R2(config-bgp-nbr)#timers bgp 180 60
D.    RP/0/0/CPU0:R2(config-bgp)#timers bgp 60 180
E.    RP/0/0/CPU0:R1(config-bgp)#timers bgp 60 180

Answer: D

The IPv6 2002::/16 prefix is used in which kind of implementations?

A.    6 RD
B.    6 to 4
C.    NAT 64
D.    IPv6 Multicast

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. The following multicast IP addresses map to which multicast MAC address?


A.    01:00:5E:8A:00:01
B.    01:00:5E:0A:00:01
C.    01:00:5E:7A:00:01
D.    01:00:5E:05:00:01

Answer: B

Which multicast routing protocol is used to forward multicast data along the optimal path from source to receivers?

A.    PIM DM
B.    PIM Bi-Dir
C.    PIM SM
D.    SSM
E.    IGMP
F.    MSDP

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. R2cannot to learn RP information from XR3.
Which issue is the source of the problem?


A.    XR3 is not the DR.
B.    Multicast routing is not enabled on the XR3 Giga0/0/0/0 interface.
C.    R2 is learning the RP address via non-IGP routing protocol.
D.    Multicast routing is not enabled on the XR3 Loopback0 interface.
E.    BGP IPv4 MDT address family is not enabled on XR3.

Answer: D

Which technology is categorized as multicast ASM and multicast SSM?

A.    IP telephony
B.    video conferencing
C.    IPTV
D.    live streaming

Answer: D

On Cisco IOS-XR, which BGP process can be distributed into multiple instances?

A.    BGP process manager
B.    BGP RIB process
C.    BGP speaker process
D.    BGP scanner process
E.    BGP dampening process

Answer: C
Cisco IOS XR allows you to control the configuration of the number of distributed speakers and enables you to selectively assign neighbors to specific speakers. On the CRS-1 platform, multiple speaker processes up to 15 may be configured. However, configuring all the different speakers on the primary route processor simply adds to the load on the single RP.

Distributed speaker functionality is useful if Distributed Route Processor (DRP) hardware is available to take advantage of process placement. Later sections in this chapter depict distributed
BGP and placement of BGP process speakers on DRPs on a CRS-1 router.

In addition to the speaker process, BPM starts the bRIB process once BGP is configured. bRIB process is responsible for performing the best-path calculation based on partial best paths received from the speaker processes. The best route is installed into the bRIB and is advertised back to all speakers. The bRIB process is also responsible for installing routes

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