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25 Feb

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Refer to the exhibit. In a Cisco Finesse 10.0(x) deployment, an agent with single line 89XX hard phone is having trouble logging into the desktop. The error message highlighted has been found in the CTI Jgw1 log file. Which option describes the likely cause of this error?

A.    MAC address of the phone not associated with PG user.
B.    PG user does not have “Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting ConnectedXfer and conf user group” role.
C.    Phone line does not have the Maximum Number of Calls and Busy Trigger setting set to 2 and 1 respectively.
D.    Phone Join Across Lines feature is enabled.
E.    Phone IPv6 feature is enabled.

Answer: D

When using the Play Media micro-application, which parameter automatically generates the media file name for an agent greeting?

A.    -g
B.    -a
C.    -aa
D.    -ag

Answer: B

Which option lists the minimum extended call variables that are needed for Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal Agent Greetings?

A.    user.ToExtVXML, user. app_media_lib, user.input_type
B.    user.microapp.ToExtVXML, user.microapp.app_media_lib, user.microapp.input_type
C.    user.microapp.FromExtVXML, user.microapp.app_media_lib, user.microapp.input_type
D.    user.microapp.ToExtVXML, user.microapp.app.media_Server, user.microapp.locale
E.    user.microapp.FromExtVXML, user.microapp.app.media_Server, user.microapp.input_type

Answer: B

On a VXML gateway with Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal, which Cisco IOS application service specifies the number of significant digits that are expected to be prepended to the dialed number?

A.    bootstrap.tcl
B.    bootstrap.vmxl
C.    ringtone.tcl
D.    handoff.tcl

Answer: A

When configuring the Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal Courtesy Callback feature in the ingress and VXML gateway, which configuration is needed to ensure that SIP is set up to forward SIP INFO messaging?

A.    signaling sip forward unconditional
B.    signaling forward conditional
C.    signaling forward unconditional
D.    signaling forward unconditional sip info
E.    signaling forward conditional sip info

Answer: C

In a Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise deployment, callers report intermittent voice-quality issues. What might cause this problem?

A.    The Cisco voice gateways have too few trunks to accept the inbound calls.
B.    The Cisco Finesse is locking up because of a virus.
C.    The system has too few DSP transcoding resources to support all the calls across the WAN.
D.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager has too few conference bridge resources.
E.    A different voice codec is used by the caller and the agent.

Answer: C

In the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise with Cisco Unified CVP, which two statements about how to increase the Cisco Unified CVP availability are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Must have SIP Proxy server to pass messages between the gateways and the Cisco Unified CVP servers.
B.    Must have voice gateway TCL scripts to handle conditions where the gateways cannot contact the Cisco Unified CVP Call Server to direct the call correctly.
C.    Add load balancers to load balance .wav file requests across multiple Cisco Unified CVP Media Servers.
D.    Dedicate duplexed VRU peripheral gateways for each Cisco Unified CVP call server.
E.    For a single data center with centralized deployment, deploy Cisco Unified CVP with N:N redundancy.

Answer: BC

In the Cisco Contact Center Enterprise solution, which process is responsible for peer-to-peer synchronization?

A.    ccagent
B.    mds
C.    router
D.    opc

Answer: B

What is the semantic meaning of the RouterCallKeyDay variable?

A.    It represents a number that corresponds to the day that the call was taken. For example: at midnight it could increment from 151191 to 151192.
B.    It represents a string that corresponds to the day that the call was taken. For example: at midnight it could advance from “Monday” to “Tuesday”.
C.    It represents a number that uniquely identifies the call during the day it was taken. For example:
at midnight it would reset to zero.
D.    It represents a sequence number used for ordering rows for the same call.
E.    It represents a string that corresponds to a Globally Unique Call Identifier.

Answer: A

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise is deployed with Cisco Finesse and you make changes to CTI Server, Contact Center Enterprise Administration, or cluster settings. Which service must be restarted for changes to take effect?

A.    Cluster Manager
B.    System Application Agent
C.    Cisco DB
D.    Cisco Tomcat
E.    Cisco Dirsync

Answer: D

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