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18 Apr

Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2140-648
Exam Name: Rational Portfolio Manager

At any given point of time, RPM can capture data for up to three baselines. When a fourth baseline is created, which baseline data are lost?

A.    first baseline
B.    second baseline
C.    third baseline
D.    fourth baseline

Answer: B

Which statement is true about timesheet entry?

A.    Timesheet entry is required for all participants affected to the project.
B.    Timesheet entry is allowed only for effort based projects/tasks.
C.    Timesheet entry is allowed only for duration based projects/tasks.
D.    Timesheet entry is required for all projects/tasks.

Answer: B

Which combination of portlets is best used to compose a Description View layout intended to capture initial information for new proposals?.

A.    Identification, Opportunity, Business Benefits, Financials and Workflow Schedule
B.    Identification, Opportunity, Attributes, Documents and Opportunity Description
C.    Identification, Opportunity, Attributes, Settings and Scorecards
D.    Identification, Defaults, Attributes, Documents and Opportunity Description

Answer: B

Why is a user with appropriate security rights and layouts unable to access the Portfolio Viewer from the Work Management view?

A.    The root portfolio folder cannot be used to launch the Portfolio Viewer.
B.    Projects and proposals under the selected portfolio do not have information to display in the Portfolio Viewer.
C.    The user has not installed the correct version of RPM client.
D.    There is no direct access to the Portfolio Viewer from Work Management. The user should go to My Portal to access it.

Answer: A

Which statement is true about a State Flow?

A.    A State Flow is a business process in which documents or activities are passed from one participant to another according to a pre-defined set of rules.
B.    A State Flow is a graphical representation of Work Management or Scope Management element states.
C.    A State Flow is identical to a workflow, but it uses States in its execution rather than Steps.
D.    A State Flow is only useful for Risk elements, because Risks are commonly managed according to their state.

Answer: B

During project execution, a resource changed the value of EETC. For this value to be considered for percentage complete calculations, the _____.

A.    Project Manager must view the revised EETC
B.    Project Manager must approve the EETC
C.    resource must submit the timesheet
D.    timesheet must be approved

Answer: B

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