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26 Apr

Which switch configuration for B-Series switches must be used in an HP Continuous Access EVA environment for all Fibre Channel switches in the path from the source array to the destination array when the HP-FC protocol is used? (Select two.)

A.    enable port-based routing
B.    enable Exchange-based routing
C.    enable in-order delivery
D.    disable in-order delivery
E.    connect EVA ports to ASIC0
F.    connect EVA ports to ASIC1

Answer: AC

Which vSphere configuration menu must be used in order to enable iSCSI functionality for communication with a P4000 network using vSphere4?

A.    Network Adapters
B.    Storage Adapters
C.    Software Configuration
D.    Storage Configuration

Answer: B

You are installing an Oracle environment for your customer. They have purchased an HP 3PAR T400 with 4 nodes and 16 chassis to provide shared storage. They need to be cost sensitive while protecting the data and maintaining performance. Which Common Provisioning Group option combination should be implemented for this environment?

A.    RAID5, magazine-level availability, NL drives
B.    RAID1, magazine-level availability, NL drives
C.    RAID5, cage-level availability, FC drives
D.    RAID1, cage-level availability, FC drives

Answer: C

A customer wants to integrate a P4500 Multi-Site SAN Solution in their environment. Currently, their infrastructure consists of two EVA systems. The customer has 18TB of Tter-1 and 6TB of Tier-2 data, which need different performance and availability levels. You design a P4000 Virtual SAN Appliance (VSA) solution on VMware vSphere4 with one DL380 G7 in each datacenter to utilize existing EVA disk space for the Tier-2 data. You recommend an HP D2D Backup System and HP Data Protector for a backup solution. You design a dedicated iSCSI network for the D2D and P4000 solution. Which port mode must be selected in order to access data and management traffic using different networks?

A.    Single-Port
B.    Dual-Port
C.    High Availability (Port Failover)
D.    High Availability (Link Aggregation)

Answer: B

After proposing an HP 3PAR SToreServ 7000 Storage System solution, a customer asks about the benefits of future disk drive expansion. What are the primary performance and capacity differentiators for existing or new volumes when adding disk drives? (Select two)

A.    Capacity is available to existing or new volumes
B.    Performance is available only to new volumes
C.    Performance is available only to existing volumes
D.    Performance is available to existing or new volumes
E.    Capacity is available only to existing volumes
F.     Capacity is available only to new volumes

Answer: AD

Which statement is true about 3PAR InServ cache?

A.    Cache is node-specific, its contents being transferred to a partner node in the event of a node failure.
B.    Cache is mirrored across a pair of nodes to ensure no data is lost during a node failure.
C.    Cache is a common resource pool that is shared between all nodes in the system.
D.    Cache is used to extend SSD capacity during peak workloads.

Answer: B

A customer has multiple eight-node SQL clusters that are currently connected to three HP EVA 8400 storage systems. The customer has I/O latency problems on the servers and sees high queue depths on the EVA ports. What should you recommend to solve this problem?

A.    HP 3PAR StoreServ 10000 with 32 host prots
B.    HP StoreVirtual multi-node with FC support
C.    HP StoreVirtual with iSCSI to eliminate queue depths
D.    HP EVA P6000 which has higher queue depths

Answer: A

You are implementing a P4000 environment for critical medical applications across two hospital sites. Applications will be running at both sites. The data needs to be protected from a total site failure as well as a node failure at either site. When creating the volumes, what Network RAID type meets the stated requirements?

A.    Network RAID 5
B.    Network RAID 6
C.    Network RAID 10
D.    Network RAID 10+1
E.    Network RAID 10+2

Answer: E

A company has a 3PAR T400 array. Currently their inventory program is using RAID 5 with 7+1 LUNs on SATA drives. This configuration works well for most of the year. At the end of year, the inventory control program needs to run and they want to improve the performance for the run. Which 3PAR feature can be used to improve the performance of the LUNs before the year-end program is run?

A.    Adaptive Optimization
B.    Thin Provisioning
C.    Dynamic Optimization
D.    Virtual Copy

Answer: C

You are designing a new storage solution for a custoer that provides Thin Provisioning support for Solid State Disks (SSD.and the ability to isolate SAN Administrators so they only manage storage resources that they are responsible for. Additionally, the customer needs to ensure performance for cache-oriented I/O for specific hosts.
Which HP Storage system should you recommend to meet the customer requirements?

A.    HP XP P9500
B.    HP StoreVirtual 4530
C.    HP EVA P6550
D.    HP 3PAR StoreServ 10000

Answer: A

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