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30 Apr

You are designing a solution for a customer with an aging network infrastructure that is approaching saturation. The customer plans to centralize and virtualize user desktops using a VMware View solution for 600 users. Their primary focus for this project is on cost efficiency. All backups currently go to an SDLT tape library with one tape drive. The backup software is not an enterprise product and is out of maintenance, which results in their backup windows being exceeded on a regular basis. Another factor that you should consider in your solution design is that the customer’s ability to recover files is inadequate and exceeds their RTO. In the past, your customer has used an offsite data specialist company to store their backup cartridges. However, they now have access to a second datacenter in their own organization; the distance between these datacenters is approximately 5km and is serviced by a 10Mb/s leased circuit. They want to include this in the new design and have expressed interest in data replication to reduce costs. The customer has expressed a preference for a solution with the smallest footprint possible. Your design therefore includes the HP BladeSystem c7000 with BL460c G7 Server Blades and a P4800 storage solution using 2 nodes. Which HP backup solution should you recommend and incorporate as part of your design?

A.    MSL2024
B.    D2D4324
C.    ESL712e
D.    VLS9200

Answer: B

A customer wants to integrate a P4500 Multi-Site SAN Solution in their in their environment. Currently, their infrastructure consists of two EVA systems. The customer has 18TB of Tier-1 and 6TB of Tier-2 data, which need different performance and availability levels. You design a P4000 Virtual SAN Appliance (VSA) solution on VMware vSphere4 with one DL380 G7 in each datacenter to utilize existing EVA disk space for the Tier-2 data. You recommend an HP D2D Backup System and HP Data Protector for a backup solution. You design a dedicated iSCSI network for the D2D and P4000 solution. Which statement is true about implementing this VSA solution?

A.    Two virtual NICs can be configured.
B.    NIC bonding is not supported.
C.    Maximum storage capacity per VSA will be exceeded.
D.    VSA must be stored on the EVA.

Answer: A

Which HP D2D Backup System supports a maximum of 16 concurrent replication source jobs?

A.    D2D4106fc G2
B.    D2D4312 G2
C.    D2D4106i G2
D.    D2D4112 G2

Answer: B

You are configuring a 10GbE NIC in a P4000 solution. Which network configuration can be applied? (Select two.)

A.    Adaptive Load Balancing (ALB) bond with one 1GbE NIC and one 10GbE NIC
B.    Adaptive Load Balancing (ALB) bond with two 10GbE Ethernet NICs
C.    Link Aggregation Dynamic Mode bond with one 1GbE NIC and one 10GbE NIC
D.    Active-Passive bond with two 10GbE Ethernet NIC’s
E.    Active-Active with bonding two 1GBE NICs and 10GbE NIC bonds

Answer: B

You created a volume on your 3PAR array called BaseVV. You create a series of virtual copies as shown in the exhibit below. If you delete the virtual copy labeled S1_0, which other virtual volumes are deleted?

A.    S1,S0
B.    S1_0_1
C.    S1,S1_0_1
D.    S1_0_0,S1_0_1

Answer: D

Which configuration settings are mandatory during first time installation of an HP D2D Backup System using the console? (Select two.)

A.    IP Address
B.    hostname
C.    DNS server
D.    gateway
E.    domain name

Answer: AB

How many managers are needed to achieve an optimal configuration in a P4500 Multi-Site SAN environment with two physical and one logical site?

A.    2
B.    3
C.    4
D.    5

Answer: B

Hotspot Question
Indicate the maximum number of concurrent replication source jobs you can implement on an HP D2D Backup System.


Explanation: (page 7, see the table, 7th row)

You are installing a mission-critical Oracle environment for your customer. They have purchased an HP 3PAR T400 with 4 nodes and 16 chassis to provide share T storage. Standard Oracle guidelines indicate that all database volumes should be in compliance with their SAME (Stripe And Mirror Everywhere) methodology. Which Common Provisioning Group option combination should be implemented for this environment?

A.    RAID5, magazine-level availability, NL drives
B.    RAID1, magazine-level availability, NL drives
C.    RAID5, cage-level availability, FC drives
D.    RAID1, cage-level availability, FC drives

Answer: C

Which installation step must be performed prior to presenting a Virtual Tape Library (VTL) configured on an HP D2D 2504i Backup System to a host?

A.    Apply current zoning configuration on the switch
B.    change IP address mode from DHCP to Static
C.    install tape device drivers on the host
D.    configure the iSCSI initiator on the host

Answer: A

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