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18 Jul

Vendor: Aruba
Exam Code: AWMP
Exam Name: Aruba Wireless Mesh Professional 4.2

What limit does receiver sensitivity describe?

A.    the maximum RSSI to decode a packet at a specific data rate
B.    the minimum RSSI to decode a packet at a specific data rate
C.    the receive signal level strength, which is always the same for each rate
D.    the maximum output transmit power for receivers that are in range
E.    the maximum RSSI to decode a packet at a specific data rate (5 – 45.45%)

Answer: B

What is the maximum percentage obstruction of the first Fresnel zone in a point to point link?

A.    35%
B.    40%
C.    50%
D.    60%

Answer: B

Which technical specifications of the antenna should be considered during selection of an

A.    Frequency range
B.    Supported data rates and modulation technologies
C.    Polarization
D.    Gain
E.    Encryption modes

Answer: ACD

Which of these statements is correct in regards to Fresnel zone and mesh network design? Choose all that apply.

A.    Mesh network design does not need to account for Fresnel zone.
B.    Fresnel zone clearance of at least 60% is required for mesh radio links.
C.    Fresnel zone only comes into play when designing Wi-Fi client coverage.
D.    Fresnel zone, Free Space Path Loss, EIRP and receive sensitivity are all factors that should be considered.

Answer: BD

Which statement is most correct and should be considered in a typical handheld client Wi-Fi access mesh design?

A.    The upstream and downstream link budgets between clients and mesh routers are symmetrical.
B.    Client devices typically broadcast at higher EIRP than mesh routers.
C.    Client EIRP and receive sensitivity is generally the limiting factor for range.
D.    Mesh backhaul links and client access should all be on the same channel to maximize connectivity.

Answer: C

What is the typical use for computing link budgets? Choose the most correct.

A.    Determining attainable coverage.
B.    Determining attainable range.
C.    Determining the height to mount antennas.
D.    Determining the proper aim of antennas.

Answer: B

Which is the least important factor to consider when designing a mesh network?

A.    which frequency of backhaul and access can be used
B.    number of 3G towers in the area
C.    power sources and grounding sources
D.    usability of the site
E.    available antenna

Answer: B

Which of these following is recommended to assist in creating preliminary mesh designs and is used by the Aruba Outdoor Planner?

A.    Google maps
B.    Google Earth
C.    MeshConfig
D.    Network Stumbler

Answer: B

Which of these identifies the folder(s) used to identify and process radio locations in the Aruba Outdoor Planner?

A.    Nodes
B.    Portals
C.    Locations
D.    Routers

Answer: C

When designing mesh links what SNR value should normally be considered the minimum for a robust link?

A.    -20dBm
B.    20 dBm
C.    100 dBm
D.    10 dBm

Answer: B

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