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9 Mar

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You have several bills of materials (BOMs) that include an item manufactured by a third party.
The third party plans to discontinue the production of the item.
You need to locate all of the BOMs that include the item.
Which report should you use?

A.    Order lines
B.    Where-used

C.    Calculation
D.    On-hand inventory

Answer: C

You need to set up locations for a warehouse that will store finished goods for one of your company’s divisions.
What are three possible details that you can specify for the locations? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    The maximum number of pallets
B.    The physical dimensions
C.    The inventory dimensions
D.    The maximum dimensions of the items
E.    The maximum weight that can be stored

Answer: ABE

A user wants to use a custom filter (or the Arrival overview form.
You need to explain how to save the filter options to the user’s computer.
What should you tell the user?

A.    Use the Personalization form to change the layout, and then load the Personalization settings in the Arrival overview form.
B.    Specify a setup name on the Setup tab of the Arrival overview form and save the current settings.
C.    Specify a setup name on the Setup tab of the Inventory and warehouse management parameters form and save the current settings.
D.    Create a shipment template, and then apply the template in the Arrival overview form.

Answer: A

You create a new product change case for a bill of materials (BOM).
You need to identify which actions are available for the entity associated to the new case.
Which three actions should you identify? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Print
B.    Activate
C.    Expire
D.    Approve
E.    Calculate

Answer: ACD

You need to create a draft sales order.
The sales order must not include inventory transactions.
Which order type should you use?

A.    Subscription
B.    Sales order
C.    Item requirements
D.    Journal

Answer: B

You receive a faulty item from a vendor.
You need to create a vendor return.
What should you create?

A.    Acopy of the purchase order
B.    Afree textinvoice
C.    Acredit note from a production order
D.    Acopy of the invoice journal that includes the invoice

Answer: B

You need to identify what can be done from the Arrival overview form.
What should you identify?

A.    Estimating and managing item arrival alerts
B.    Viewing expected receipts and starting the receipt process
C.    Registering items that are delivered to a transfer warehouse
D.    Checking that ordered items arrived physically in a quarantine warehouse

Answer: B

You create a new purchase order and add a line that has a product, quantity, and unit price.
You need to send the purchase order to the vendor.
What should you generate?

A.    Areceipts list
B.    Aproduct receipt
C.    Apro forma receipts list
D.    Aconfirmation

Answer: C

You need to ensure that the picking workbench suggests which boxes to use to package picked items.
Which two configurations should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    From the Inventory and warehouse management parameters form, select Boxing logic for picking workbench.
B.    Link boxing definitions to each item before you run the picking workbench.
C.    From the Released products form, select Apply boxing logic for picking work bench for each item.
D.    Create a new workbench profile and apply the profile when you run the picking workbench.

Answer: AC

You have a bill of materials (BOM) item.
All lines of the BOM item use a constant scrap amount and a variable consumption.
You identify that when you have a production run of 100 items, the scrap cost is 10 US dollars and the unit cost is one US dollar.
You need to identify what will be the cost in the BOM calculation when you increase the size of production to 200 units.
Which cost should you identify?

A.    2,100 US dollars
B.    210 US dollars
C.    220 US dollars
D.    2,200 US dollars

Answer: A

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