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9 Mar

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You are developing a solution to get a date as an input to perform an operation. The input will be in a variable named inputDate.
You need to validate the date and throw an error if the date entered is null or greater than the current system date.
Which X++ statement should you use?

Exhibit A


Exhibit B


Exhibit C


Exhibit D


A.    Exhibit A
B.    Exhibit B
C.    Exhibit C
D.    Exhibit D

Answer: D


You have two tables named salesTable and salesLine. SalesTable contains the data shown in the following table.
SalesLine contains the data shown in the following table.


You have the following X++ statement:


A.    SO0002
B.    SOO003
C.    SOOOOl
D.    SOO002

Answer: C

You have a job that contains the following X++ code: (Line numbers are included for
reference only.)


You need to identify which code must be inserted at line 10 to ensure that line 12 executes.
Which code segment should you insert at line 10?

A.    Catch(exception::error)
B.    Catch(exception::warning)
C.    Catch(exception::sequence)
D.    Catch(exception::numeric)

Answer: A

You plan to import a .xpo file to Dynamics AX.
You need to identify which changes the .xpo code will make to the Dynamics AX environment prior to importing the .xpo file,
Which tool should you use?

A.    The Compare tool
B.    The Code profiler
C.    The X* * compiler
D.    The Tracing cockpit

Answer: A

You have a class named Classl that has a public method named methodl.
For method1,you plan to create an event handler that is defined in the Application Object Tree (AOT).
For the event handler, you need to develop code that runs after methodl executes.
What should you use to define the code for the event handler?

A.    Adisplay method on a table
B.    Astatic method on a class
C.    The new method on a class.
D.    Apublic instance method on a class

Answer: A

You need to replace a value from a specific position of a container
Which function should you use?

A.    ConDel
B.    ConPoke
C.    ConFind
D.    ConNull

Answer: A

You are creating an extensible data security (XDS) policy.
You need to return the data from the primary table that will be used to filter the data in a constrained table.
What should you use?

A.    The Code profiler
B.    Code permissions
C.    Secured APIs
D.    Apolicy query

Answer: A

You need to write X++ code that is common to both the CustTable table and the VendTable table. The solution must minimize the duplication of code.
What should you do?

A.    Modify CustTable to add all of the fields in VendTable. Write X* + code that uses CustTable.
B.    Create a view that includes the fields in both CustTable and VendTable. Write X+ + code that uses the view.
C.    Create a table that extends from CustTable and VendTable. Write X+ + code that uses the newtable.
D.    Create a map that links CustTable and VendTable. Write X++ code that uses the map.

Answer: D

You need to create a user interface that displays all of the records for a custom module. The user interface must have an action pane, filters, a grid, form parts, and preview information.
Which form template should you use?

A.    DetailFormTransaction
B.    ListPage
C.    SimpleList
D.    DropDialog

Answer: C

You need to add a duty to the Accounts receivable manager role.
What are two possible menus or nodes that can be used to achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    The Setup menu from Organization administration
B.    The Setup menu from Accounts receivable
C.    The Security node in the Application Object Tree (AOT)
D.    The Setup menu from the System administration module

Answer: AB

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