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25 Jul

Vendor: Esri
Exam Code: EADA10
Exam Name: ArcGIS Desktop Associate 10.0

When should an ArcGIS user change the reference scale of an existing map annotation?

A.    when the user adds a scale bar to the map layout
B.    when the user brings data into the map that has a projected coordinate system
C.    when the user creates a new feature linked annotation feature class and adds it to a new data
frame for editing
D.    when the user uses the same map template to create a second map that contains data from a
different geographic area

Answer: BC

An ArcGIS user wants to share layer and attribute information in a map document with a colleague who does NOT have ArcGIS Desktop
The ArcGIS user must export in which format in order for the colleague to view the information?

A.    PDF
B.    SVG
C.    PNG
D.    BMP

Answer: A
Explanation: paragraph)

Which two factors should be considered when determining appropriateness of a dataset for a task? (Choose two)

A.    display colors
B.    scale of data
C.    geometry type
D.    feature class names
E.    configuration keywords

Answer: BD
Explanation: 42, 43, Quality and Appropriateness)

What can cause bitmapped, banded, or low-quality display printed maps?

A.    high output resolution
B.    High Output Image Quality (OIQ)
C.    transparent symbology
D.    TrueType fonts

Answer: C

An ArcGIS user is working with a CAD polyline feature class. It is comprised of a Feature_Type field containing water main features and a RefName field, which may contain a valve type or may be NULL.
How can tins user build a query to isolate Water Main features containing a valid valve type?

A.    “Feature_Type” = `Water Mains’ AND “RefName” <> `Null’
B.    “Feature_Type” = Water Mains AND “RefName” NOT Null
C.    “Feature_Type” = `Water Mains’ AND “RefName” IS NOT Null
D.    “Feature_Type” = `Water Mains’ AND “RefName” <> IS Null

Answer: A

How does a geodatabase topology ensure data integrity and maintain the spatial relationships between features?

A.    specifies a valid set of topological values for an attribute
B.    groups records in a feature class, based on an attribute field
C.    validates the features of a geodatabase against a set of topology rules
D.    enforces referential integrity between a feature class and a related feature class

Answer: C
Explanation: 5, overview)

An ArcGIS user wants to automate a process in ModelBuilder to determine the number of points that are located in polygons.
Which tool should be used for this process?

A.    Point Distance geoprocessing tool
B.    Spatial Join geoprocessing tool
C.    Select by Attributes ArcMap tool
D.    Intersect Points geoprocessing tool

Answer: B
Explanation: builder.html

Which coordinate system is appropriate for storing a worldwide scale dataset using measures of latitude and longitude, while also allowing for the data to be easily projected for editing and analysis at a local level?

A.    Universal Transverse Mercator
B.    Geographic
C.    Geocentric
D.    Projected

Answer: A

An ArcGIS user performed a spatial transformation to adjust a less accurate Dataset A to match with a more accurate Dataset B. The Spatial Transformation tool reported a low root mean square error (RMS).
What does this indicate?

A.    The transformation between the control points is consistent
B.    Too many control points were selected
C.    The accuracy of Dataset A is high
D.    The accuracy of the output transformed dataset is high

Answer: A

An ArcGIS user is working in the field collecting elevation values along a hiking trail. What must be done when creating the trail feature class to store the elevation values?

A.    set the tolerance to greater than .001
B.    add a field called Elevation and make the geometry type Double
C.    assign the feature class a projected coordinate system in units of meters
D.    make the feature class z-enabled

Answer: D

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