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13 Sep

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Which value of the creation indicator is shown in the tab Contact person when you create a purchase requisition manually?

A.    Production Order
B.    Direct procurement
C.    Realtime
D.    Material requirements planning

Answer: C

What does an account group control when you create vendor master records? (Choose three)

A.    The partner determination procedure
B.    The definition whether the vendor master record is a one-time account or not
C.    The possible data retention levels
D.    The reconciliation account in general ledger
E.    The possible payment terms

Answer: ABC

Which procurement elements can be created in Purchasing with automatic purchase order generation? (Choose two)

A.    Requests for quotation (RFQ)
B.    Contract release orders
C.    Purchase orders
D.    Delivery schedules

Answer: BC

Which are the configuration options that can be defined to post unplanned delivery costs? (Choose three)

A.    The unplanned delivery costs are to be posted to separate G/L accounts
B.    The unplanned delivery costs are to be distributed prorated to calculated invoice items
C.    The unplanned delivery costs can be posted by rules defined within a BAdI
D.    The unplanned delivery costs are to be posted to a price difference account
E.    The unplanned delivery costs are to be split in equal shares across the invoice items

Answer: ABC

What can you define for a movement type in Customizing? (Choose three)

A.    The movement type short text and the reasons for movement
B.    The indicator for automatic creation of storage location data in the material master record at the time of the first goods receipt
C.    The number range for material documents that are generated when postings are made with the movement type
D.    The quantity and value updates for postings with the movement type
E.    The account modification for transactions and events with active account grouping in the table of account keys

Answer: ABE

Which of the following are SAP Solution Manager usage scenarios? (Choose two)

A.    Legacy system data mapping
B.    Implementation of SAP solutions
C.    User productivity monitoring
D.    Service desk

Answer: BD

In a vendor master record, you enter a different vendor as a partner with the partner role (partner function) of Invoicing Party.
What is the function of this partner role in Materials Management?

A.    This partner automatically receives copies of all messages relating to purchasing documents.
B.    This partner is proposed when you enter an invoice with reference to purchase orders.
C.    All unplanned delivery costs with reference to purchase orders are billed to this partner.
D.    Return deliveries with reference to purchase orders must be sent to this partner.

Answer: B

Which criteria can you select to create the invoices automatically for invoicing plans? (Choose three)

A.    Company code
B.    Vendor
C.    Purchasing organization
D.    Plant
E.    Purchasing group

Answer: ABD

During net requirements calculation of a material planned with reorder point planning, the warehouse stock available for MRP is the sum of the plant stock and the on-order stock.
Which of the following documents belong to the on-order stock? (Choose three)

A.    Purchase orders
B.    Material forecast
C.    Fixed purchase requisitions
D.    Firm planned orders
E.    Sales orders

Answer: ACD

You have an open purchase order for a valuated material.
What changes can you make to the master data here? (Choose two)

A.    Material type from ROH (raw material) to FERT (finished product)
B.    Material group in the material master from material group 1 to material group 2
C.    Fixed vendor in the source list from vendor A to vendor B
D.    Base unit of measure in the material master from EA (each) to KG (kilogram)

Answer: BC

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