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30 Aug

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Which of the following statements regarding BEx Query Designer are correct? (Choose three)

A.    Before defining a formula, you must ensure you have already created any restricted key figures that
will be referenced in the formula.
B.    You can only drag and drop multiple characteristics into the query definition if they come from the
same dimension.
C.    You can save a query that contains errors.
D.    If a query contains errors, the system provides information to help you correct them, including menu
options that may be suitable.
E.    You can maintain many of the properties of multiple characteristics or key figures simultaneously.

Answer: CDE

A Section in the Report Designer is assigned to a:

A.    Web Item
B.    InfoProvider
C.    Data Provider

Answer: C

The BEx Web Analyzer provides a wide range of analysis possibilities because: (Choose two)

A.    It can use both SAP NetWeaver BI and 3rd Party BI systems as the source of data.
B.    Results of an analysis can be printed, broadcast or saved.
C.    Results of an analysis can be saved as a query definition.
D.    The results can be saved as a web template and then edited with the BEx Web Application Designer.

Answer: AB

Your client is interested in the general features related to the SAP NetWeaver Portal. Which of the following are correct features that you could communicate back to the client? (Choose two)

A.    The SAP NetWeaver Portal enables messaging between various systems.
B.    The SAP NetWeaver Portal will allow your client or company to work with ‘Thin Clients’ since it has an ‘off-line’ option.
C.    The SAP NetWeaver Portal enables you to access applications from other systems and sources, such
as the Internet or intranet.
D.    Using one entry point, you can reach both structured and unstructured information.

Answer: CD

Regarding web analysis, which of the following statements are true? (Choose three)

A.    You can navigate to a web-based output from a BEx Analyzer view of the query result.
B.    From a web-based presentation of the query results, you can generate a Microsoft Excel workbook
C.    One or more queries can feed a single Microsoft Excel workbook or a single Web Application.
D.    From the BEx Query Designer, you can change the contents of an Excel workbook.

Answer: ABC

Displaying query results in various formats is a necessary requirement for the reporting requirements of an enterprise. To enhance the end-users access to BI queries, the BEx Web Analyzer offers… (Choose three)

A.    … graphical display and interactive analysis of data.
B.    … a Data Mining wizard.
C.    … access to any authorized query or query view.
D.    … access to BEx Broadcaster.
E.    … access to the InfoProvider monitor.

Answer: ACD

Which definition best describes a “Bookmark”?

A.    A URL which links to a predefined navigation state of a BI Web Application.
B.    A Microsoft Excel VBA link to a predefined navigation state of a BEx Analyzer report.
C.    A pointer used to highlight data by color codes on a BI Web Application.
D.    A pointer used to highlight data by color codes on a BEx Analyzer report.

Answer: A

In the BEx Web Analyzer, when creating an exception for an analysis using the Exception Wizard, which of the following features are available? (Choose three)

A.    You can specify that the exception is either a ‘Status’ exception for absolute numbers, or a ‘Trend’
exception for relative numbers.
B.    You can specify that the exception is shown for the evaluated structure element, a different structure element, or all structure elements of the query.
C.    You can specify that the exception affects characteristic cells, but only for reusable structures.
D.    You can limit the data that is evaluated for the exception using the characteristic restriction settings.

Answer: ABD

Please evaluate the following statements on source and targets for Transformations in SAP NetWeaver BI. Transformations: (Choose two)

A.    Must use an intermediate InfoSource in order to connect a DataSource to an InfoProvider.
B.    Can connect a DataSource to an InfoProvider or an InfoProvider to another InfoProvider.
C.    Can only use one intermediate InfoSource between a DataSource and an InfoProvider.
D.    Can connect an InfoSource to an InfoProvider.

Answer: BD

DataSources in SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI: (Choose three)

A.    Can include a PSA table. The PSA table is the persistent inbound layer for all data that is transferred
from the source system to SAP NetWeaver BI for a given DataSource.
B.    Can support preview features allowing you to test the data transfer from the source system without
the need for transformations.
C.    Define the frequency of data transfer and filters to be applied in the transfer of data from source systems
to SAP NetWeaver BI.
D.    Must be connected to InfoSources (using transformations). These InfoSources are then connected to InfoProviders (using transformations).
E.    Define the Delta Process, the Direct Access and the Real-Time Data Acquisition (RDA) capabilities for
the transfer of business specific data from a source system to SAP NetWeaver BI.

Answer: ABE

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