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5 Sep

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Which master data is required for a direct activity allocation? (Choose three)

A.    Activity type
B.    Cost center
C.    Allocation cycle
D.    Activity price
E.    Secondary cost element

Answer: ABE

Which of the following needs to be activated in the New GL to implement profit center accounting for all costs and revenues?(Choose two)

A.    Scenario profit center update
B.    Scenario segment reporting
C.    Real-time integration CO/FI
D.    Document splitting

Answer: AC

A customer wants to settle an internal order to cost centers, but receives an error message.
What do you check?

A.    The system and the user status.
B.    The sender and receiver to be assigned to the same profit center.
C.    The PA transfer structure of the order.
D.    The costing sheet.

Answer: A

What are the impacts on an S price controlled material when releasing a material cost estimate? (Choose two)

A.    Previous material movements are revaluated.
B.    Existing stock is valuated with the new price.
C.    Moving average price is adjusted.
D.    New standard price is set.

Answer: BD

In which master record can you enter a profit center directly? (Choose three)

A.    Material master
B.    Activity type
C.    Cost element
D.    Cost center
E.    Internal order

Answer: ADE

Which step of the sales from stock process creates the cost of goods sold in costing-based CO-PA?

A.    Creating the billing document.
B.    Creating the transport order.
C.    Creating the outbound delivery.
D.    Creating the sales order.

Answer: A

What is the SAP Solution Manager?

A.    It is an own related database system that can be used as an alternative to databases from
other vendors.
B.    It supports throughout the entire life-cycle, from the Business Blueprint to the configuration
to production processing.
C.    It is an application that is part of the SAP Supply Chain Management application.
D.    It is a robust and lean standard-based platform that enables you to develop Java and
composite applications from scratch and on top of existing services.

Answer: B

Which are the main elements of the Roadmap structure screen?

A.    Roadmap structure Viewing/Text area Attachments Area
B.    Roadmap structure Blueprint area Attachments Area
C.    Roadmap structure Blueprint area Go-live Area
D.    Roadmap structure Viewing/Text area Go-live Area

Answer: A

A customer wants to allocate internal and external costs, based on statistical key figure values, to the receivers.
Which method do you choose?

A.    Assessment
B.    Overhead calculation
C.    Distribution
D.    Settlement

Answer: A

Your customer wants to see a P&L statement for profit centers by the cost-of-sales-accounting approach.
Which of the following is the minimum requirement?

A.    Activate profitability analysis.
B.    Create a derivation rule for the functional area.
C.    Activate the scenario functional area in New GL.
D.    Enter the functional area in the profit center master.

Answer: C

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