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5 Sep

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How does material costing support semi-finished and finished materials that are valuated in stock with consistent valuation strategies per company code?

A.    Costing runs to update the standard prices have to run generally under observation of an
external auditor.
B.    You are only allowed to use one single costing variant to update standard prices per period
and company code.
C.    You are only allowed to use iterative activity prices in material cost estimates which update standard prices.
D.    You are only allowed to use material cost estimates with quantity structure to update standard prices.

Answer: B

Select the benefits of SAP Solution Manager from the list of items below. (Choose three)

A.    Integration of SAP Solutions
B.    Reduced cost of operations
C.    Separation of SAP solutions
D.    Faster ROI
E.    Lower ROI

Answer: ABD

Where is it possible to carry out a new price determination?(Choose two)

A.    Invoice document
B.    Invoice transfer to Fl
C.    Controlling document
D.    Copy control from delivery to invoice

Answer: AD

Which of the following do you define in the general data selection of a Report Painter report?

A.    Parameters valid for all rows and columns.
B.    Parameters for the report to report interface.
C.    Default values for the definition of rows and columns.
D.    User, date, and time of report creation.

Answer: A

Which of the following are correct descriptions of profit centers? (Choose three)

A.    Profit centers are the basic organizational units of profitability analysis.
B.    Profit centers are sub units of cost centers.
C.    Profit centers represent an area of responsibility for cost and revenues.
D.    Profit centers are structured in a standard hierarchy.
E.    Profit centers are usually structured in the hierarchy by region, function or product.

Answer: CDE

What are the key building blocks of the ASAP Roadmap?

A.    Project Quality Gates and Review Services
B.    Phases and Work streams
C.    Phases and Deliverable groups
D.    Phases and Activities

Answer: B

In Project System, which of the following operative indicators can you set in a WBS element?(Choose three)

A.    Planning element
B.    Billing element
C.    Account assignment element
D.    Budgeting element
E.    Cost element

Answer: ABC

A customer uses a discrete manufacturing scenario to produce goods to stock.
What is a typical customer requirement for using product cost collectors as cost objects?

A.    The customer demands to get work in process based on actual.
B.    The customer demands to control many production orders on one cost object.
C.    The customer demands to see the aggregated plan costs of the production orders on the
product cost collector.
D.    The customer demands to do a multi-level costing for the used cost objects.

Answer: B

A customer wants to perform cost center planning to reflect different expectations for the future. How can the customer create different plans in parallel?

A.    Use different versions.
B.    Use different costing variants.
C.    Use different planning areas.
D.    Use different valuation areas.

Answer: A

Which of the following support services can you directly access via the SAP Service Marketplace (http://service.sap.com)?

A.    Online conferencing with experts on demand
B.    Execute the SAP remote installation service
C.    System access to SAP hosted solutions
D.    Download SAP upgrade guides

Answer: D

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