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14 Sep

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A company is going to enhance their standard transportation functions in SAP ERP with an external transportation planning system. What is mandatory for the setup?

A.    The transportation planning point determination is set up based on shipping type and shipping point.
B.    One transportation planning point is assigned to exactly one planning system.
C.    One planning system is assigned to exactly one transportation planning point.
D.    The transportation planning point determination is set up based on shipping type and shipping condition.

Answer: B

A company allows the processing of customer invoices only after a shipment cost document has been created. What do you recommend to maximize the accuracy of the real shipment costs in the customer invoice?

A.    Use alternative formulas to determine the condition base value for shipment cost calculation.
B.    Maintain the reference number indicator for shipment costs in the relevant copy control.
C.    Implement a user exit to provide the relevant shipment costs to the customer invoice.
D.    Maintain the price source indicator for shipment costs in the relevant copy control.

Answer: D

What is an advantage of using the transport functionality in SAP ERP?

A.    It allows you to pack Handling Units (HUs) from different deliveries into one load equipment.
B.    It allows you to change the Handling Units (HUs) that were created in the deliveries.
C.    It allows you to change the shipping point.
D.    It allows you to post the goods issue separately for each delivery.

Answer: A

Where do you enable an automatic transfer order creation in the delivery?

A.    Output control
B.    Delivery type
C.    Picking location
D.    Copy control

Answer: A

What do you outline as an advantage of using the inter-company process to support customer supplier relationships between sales organizations?

A.    You create only one material document in the whole process.
B.    You create only one FI document in the whole process.
C.    You create only one CO document in the whole process.
D.    You create only one invoice document in the whole process.

Answer: A

The customer wants to implement an inter-company process. Which changes are required? (Choose three)

A.    Create a new condition record for the delivering sales organization.
B.    Extend the material master with the delivering sales organization and delivery plant.
C.    Assign the ship-to-party to the delivering sales organization.
D.    Assign the sold-to-party to the delivering sales organization.
E.    Create new scheduling agreements in the delivering sales organization.

Answer: ABC

A company wants to implement an inter-company process for their different plants. What change in the enterprise structure is essential?

A.    Assign the delivering plants to the selling sales organization.
B.    Create a new company code to combine the different plants.
C.    Assign the selling sales organization to a new company code.
D.    Create new shipping points for the delivering plants.

Answer: A

A customer has implemented a third-party and a rush order process in SAP ERP. What documents are mandatory in both order processes in their ERP system?

A.    Delivery documents
B.    Goods receipt documents
C.    FI documents
D.    Goods issue documents

Answer: C

Your customer has implemented a consignment process. The first consignment fill-ups are done but invoicing is not possible as entries are missing in the billing due list. What do you identify as reason?

A.    The owner of the goods did not change.
B.    Invoicing is not done in SD but directly in FI.
C.    No goods movement took place.
D.    No condition record was found in the consignment fill up document.

Answer: A

Your customer wants to implement a returns process. What should they consider?

A.    Create return orders with reference.
B.    Create debit memos after goods receipt.
C.    Omit the creation of FI / CO documents.
D.    Post goods receipt to unrestricted use.

Answer: A

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