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Software Defined Networking (SDN) provides a method to centrally configure and manage physical and virtual network devices such as routers, switches, and gateways in your datacenter. Virtual network elements such as Hyper-V Virtual Switch, Hyper-V Network Virtualization, and RAS Gateway are designed to be integral elements of your SDN infrastructure.
Software defined networking provides which of the following capabilities?

A.    The ability to abstract your applications and workloads from the underlying physical network, which is accomplished by virtualizing the network.
B.    The ability to implement network policies in a consistent manner at scale, even as you deploy new workloads or move workloads across virtual or physical networks.
C.    The ability to centrally define and control policies that govern both physical and virtual networks, including traffic flow between these two network types.
D.    All of these

Answer: D

QUESTION 47 70-741 Dumps,70-741 Exam Questions,70-741 New Questions,70-741 VCE,70-741 PDF
With client reservations, you can reserve an IP address for permanent use by a DHCP client.
Typically, you will need to do this if the client uses an IP address that was assigned using another method for TCP/IP configuration.
If you are reserving an IP address for a new client, or an address that is different from its current one, you should verify that the address has not already been leased by the DHCP server. Reserving an IP address in a scope does not automatically force a client currently using that address to stop using it.
Which ipconfig command would you use if the address is already in use?

A.    ipconfig /flushdns
B.    ipconfig /release
C.    ipconfig /registerdns
D.    ipconfig /renew

Answer: B
If the address is already in use, the client using the address must first release it by issuing a DHCP release message (DHCPRELEASE).
You can do this by typing ipconfig /release at the command prompt of a client computer running Windows XP or Windows Vista.
Reserving an IP address at the DHCP server also does not force the new client for which the reservation is made to immediately move to that address. In this case, too, the client must first issue a DHCP request message (DHCPREQUEST). You can do this by typing ipconfig /renew at the command prompt of a client computer.

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The DNS Server service provides several types of zones. Which zone helps to keep delegated zone information current, improve name resolution and simplify DNS administration, but is not an alternative for enhancing redundancy and load sharing?

A.    secondary
B.    stub
C.    none of these
D.    primary

Answer: B
When a zone that this DNS server hosts is a stub zone, this DNS server is a source only for information about the authoritative name servers for this zone. The zone at this server must be obtained from another DNS server that hosts the zone. This DNS server must have network access to the remote DNS server to copy the authoritative name server information about the zone.
When a DNS server loads a stub zone, such as widgets.thetoycompany.com, it queries the master servers, which can be in different locations, for the necessary resource records of the authoritative servers for the zone widgets.thetoycompany.com. The list of master servers may contain a single server or multiple servers, and it can be changed anytime.

QUESTION 49 70-741 Dumps,70-741 Exam Questions,70-741 New Questions,70-741 VCE,70-741 PDF
The following example displays DNS query results that are performed from a DNS client computer using the Resolve-DnsName cmdlet.

resolve-dnsname -name finance.secure.contoso.com -type A -server dns1.contoso.com

You want to include the DO bit in a DNS query, to make the client is DNSSEC-aware, so that it is OK for the DNS server to return DNSSEC data in a response.
What extra parameter should you use?

A.    DnssecCd
B.    DnssecOk
C.    LlmnrOnly
D.    DnsOnly

Answer: B
When DO=1, the client indicates that it is able to receive DNSSEC data if available. Because the secure.contoso.com zone is signed, an RRSIG resource record was included with the DNS response when DO=1.

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Which mode is being described below?
Deploy the RAS Gateway as an edge VPN server, an edge DirectAccess server, or both simultaneously.
In this configuration, RAS Gateway provides remote employees with connectivity to your network by using either VPN or DirectAccess connections.

A.    Multitenant mode
B.    Single tenant mode

Answer: B

QUESTION 51 70-741 Dumps,70-741 Exam Questions,70-741 New Questions,70-741 VCE,70-741 PDF
DHCP servers centrally manage IP addresses and related information and provide it to clients automatically. This allows you to configure client network settings at a server, instead of configuring them on each client computer. If you want this computer to distribute IP addresses to clients, then configure this computer as a DHCP server.
TRUE or FALSE. Can you install the DHCP server role on a Nano server?

A.    TRUE

Answer: B

QUESTION 52 70-741 Dumps,70-741 Exam Questions,70-741 New Questions,70-741 VCE,70-741 PDF
Is the following statement TRUE or FALSE?
You can use SLB with a VLAN-based network for DIP VMs connected to a SDN Enabled Hyper-V Virtual Switch.

B.    TRUE

Answer: B

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The socket pool enables a DNS server to use source port randomization when issuing DNS queries.
Which command offers the greatest protection?

A.    dnscmd /Config /SocketPoolSize 1000
B.    dnscmd /Config /SocketPoolSize 0
C.    dnscmd /Config /SocketPoolSize 1
D.    dnscmd /Config /SocketPoolSize 1000 /SocketPoolExcludedPortRanges 1-65535

Answer: A

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The following question is difficult, take your time and use a piece of paper if you need. What is the network ID of the IP node with a subnet mask of


Answer: D
To obtain the result, turn both numbers into their binary equivalents and line them up.
Then perform the AND operation on each bit and write down the result.
10000001 00111000 10111101 00101001 IP Address
11111111 11111111 11110000 00000000 Subnet Mask 10000001 00111000 10110000 00000000 Network ID
The result of the bit-wise logical AND of the 32 bits of the IP address and the subnet mask is the network ID

QUESTION 55 70-741 Dumps,70-741 Exam Questions,70-741 New Questions,70-741 VCE,70-741 PDF
Hotspot Question
You network contains an Active Directory named contoso.com.
The domain contains two servers named Server1 and Server2 that run Windows Server 2016.
Server1 has IP Address Management (IPAM) installed. Server2 has the DHCP Server role installed. The IPAM server retrieves data from Server2.
The domain has two users named User1 and User2 and a group named Group1.
User1 is the only member of Group1.
Server1 has one IPAM access policy.
You edit the access policy as shown in the Policy exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.)


The DHCP scopes are configured as shown in the Scopes Exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.)


For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. Otherwise, select No.



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