SAP C_TAW12_71 Exam Questions & Practice Test – Free Download

25 Aug

Vendor: SAP
Exam Code: C_TAW12_71
Exam Name: SAP Certified Development Associate – ABAP with SAP NetWeaver 7.02

When writing a list, what command would allow you to overwrite a line?

A.    Back
B.    Overtype
C.    Reserve
D.    Write:/ 1

Answer: A

What condition apply for a left outer join in open SQL?

A.    Only ‘Or’ can be used as a logical operator in the ON condition
B.    A Left Outer Join is not permitted in OPEN SQL
C.    A join stement is found to the right of the join operator
D.    At least one field form the ble on the right is required for comparison in the ON condition

Answer: D

What does a LDB provide?

A.    Consistent and flexible user interface
B.    A method to access the da in a random manner
C.    Centrally defined authorization checks
D.    Central performance improvements for update accesses

Answer: A

What is needed to ensure a check field is verified against the referred key field of the check ble?

A.    same da type only is required for check field and referenced field
B.    all key fields MUST have domain equality between check ble and foreign key ble
C.    same domain is required for check field and referenced field
D.    same da element is required for check field and referenced field

Answer: C

Select example of organizational data?

A.    Sales Order
B.    Country Keys
C.    Cost Centres
D.    Vendors

Answer: B

Identify the valid attributes of domain? (More than one answer is correct)

A.    Header
B.    Label
C.    Length
D.    Fixed Values
E.    Type

Answer: CDE

For called program component that are of type transaction or report, what is true about the roll area (assuming processing will resume in the calling program).

A.    Share the same roll area
B.    They run in their own roll area
C.    They run in the roll area of the caller

Answer: B

What are the main functions of the data dictionary? (More than one answer is correct)

A.    To insulate the ABAP/4 developer from the dabase
B.    To provide da security at the application level
C.    To connect to the operating system
D.    To support the creation and management of meda

Answer: AD

What is true about SAP query?

A.    Users can access only the fields which are assigned to a functional group
B.    A user master record is generated when the query is defined
C.    SAP user can be assigned to only one user groups
D.    Functional Area can be a special view of a logical dabase

Answer: C

Programs that extends beyond transaction limits and want to pass data should use:

A.    SAP Memory
B.    tables
C.    ABAP/4 memory

Answer: A

Which of the following is an invalid method for populating an internal table?

A.    Insert IB
B.    Append
C.    Read ble IB
D.    Select into ble IB from dbb.
E.    Collect

Answer: C

Identify the clause that is used in suppress sndard headers?

A.    No Sndard Heading
B.    No Sndard Page Heading
C.    Suppress Sndard
D.    System>List>Save

Answer: B

What appears in the sndard header of list? (More than one answer is correct)

A.    Page Number
B.    User
C.    Program title
D.    Date
E.    Underline

Answer: ACE

You have made change to an existing table that conins da. What kes place when the Dabase Conversion utility is executed? (More than one answer is correct)

A.    Da in the table is automatically deleted and must be reloaded
B.    The ble in the dabase is renamed and eventually deleted
C.    The indexes for the ble needs to manually be reconstructed in the ABAP Dictionary
D.    The revised ble in the ABAP/4 Dictionary is activated
E.    The ble in the dabase is recreated

Answer: BDE

After a READ LINE on a List, what happens to the HIDE da?

A.    Nothing, the da remains in the hidden area
B.    The hide da is restored to shared memory
C.    The Hide da is not available to the program
D.    It is transferred back to the fields defined in the program

Answer: D

Which of the following short programs will not display the text “SY-LSIND= 1” during interactive reporting?

A.    ZPGM3
B.    ZPGM2
C.    ZPGM1

Answer: B

What is an SD User Exit technically considered?

A.    Customizing
B.    Modification
C.    Enhancement
D.    User Include

Answer: B

What will cause the AT USER-COMMAND to fire?

A.    Type S Function Codes
B.    Type T Functions Codes
C.    Normal Function Codes
D.    Function Codes that Srt with P

Answer: C

What are the coordinates of the following model dialogue Box?
Window Srting at 10 20
Ending at 20 30

A.    Srting at Column 10, Row 20 Ending at Column 20, Row 30
B.    Srting at Column 10, Row 30 Ending at Column 20, Row 20
C.    Srting at Row 10, Column 20 Ending at Row 20, Column 30

Answer: A

What is the effect of the collect stement if any entry with the same key already exists?

A.    Appends a new line
B.    adds the numeric fields to an existing entry
C.    Creates a new entry

Answer: B

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