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21 Jul

Vendor: Avaya
Exam Code: 3605
Exam Name: Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch Implementation and Maintenance Exam

When configuring link aggregation, a technician created a Distributed Multi-Link Trunk (DMLT) group on the Edge switch to the switch cluster core. What gets distributed?

A.    Access ports
B.    Discard Looped Frames
C.    Spanning Tree Enable
D.    LACP Enable

Answer: A

While troubleshooting a MultiLink Trunking (MLT) and split MultiLink Trunking (SMLT) network a need arises to determine which link packets are traversing. Which feature should be used to facilitate the troubleshooting?

A.    Ping Trace
B.    Ping Snoop
C.    Snoop Trace
D.    Trace Route

Answer: B

Which three functions describe VPFM? (Choose three.)

A.    It is a network health at a glance tool.
B.    It can correlate faults, traps, and provide notification.
C.    It is another term for the SNM credential.
D.    It is a baselining tool.
E.    It is a device configuration tool.

Answer: ABE

A technician is configuring the core of a Converged Campus network, and is adding a backup-master configuration to an existing Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) configuration for a VLAN that extends to the edge switches. Which benefit is expected from the Addition of backup-master?

A.    reduced traffic on the IST
B.    reduced traffic on the uplink ports
C.    redundant default gateways for host devices
D.    faster switchover time

Answer: D

An existing enterprise network is using Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 8600 switches in the campus core. It has been determined that 10 Gigabit links are required to replace the existing 1 gigabit uplinks will affect is connections on each of the ERS 8600 switches. Which statement describes how to accomplish this requirement in each ERS 8600 chassis?

A.    Replace the two existing switches fabric modules with 8394SF systems.
B.    Replace the two existing switch fabric modules with 8692SF and Supermez2
C.    Replace the two existing 8616SXE modules with 8612XLRS modules.
D.    Replace the six 8683XLK modules with 8612XLRS.

Answer: BC

The configuration on an ERS 8000 contains a static route, the output from a show ip route info (CLI) command or the routing table output on EDM does not display the destination network configured in the static route. What could be the reason for the remote network not being displayed in the IP routing table?

A.    The remote network is down.
B.    Static routes are not displayed in the routing table.
C.    The next hop address configured in the static route is not reachable.
D.    An accept policy is required to activate static routes.

Answer: C

Which set of procedures will upgrade the boot monitor on an Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 8600 with a single 8692SF module?

A.    Copy the new image to flash.
Activate the new image with SF module in service.
B.    Copy the new image to flash.
Boot the new image.
C.    Copy the new image to flash.
Modify the boot choice for run-time change.
Activate the new image SF module in service.
D.    Copy the new image to flash.
Modify the boot choice for run-time image.
Boot the new image.

Answer: B

While configuring packet capture Tool (PCAP), an Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 8600 switch has generated the following log:
pcapAllocateBuffer: malloc(96 Mbs) failed
Which event could have caused this log, and which course of action resolves the issue?

A.    The memory allocation failed to wrap. Set Pcmcia Wrap to true
B.    The packet capturing stopped. Enable the Buffer-wrap or reset the stats.
C.    The length of the IP frame is too long to capture. Turn on fragmentation
D.    There is not enough available memory for PCAP. Try with a lower value of buffer-size.

Answer: D

Which statement describes how to configure Simple Loop Prevention protocol (SLPP) Rx?

A.    SLPP is configured on the edge switch ports that connect to the core switch cluster.
B.    SLPP is configured on the core switch cluster ports that connect to the edge switch.
C.    SLPP is configured on the Inter Switch Trunk (1ST) ports of the core switch cluster.
D.    SLPP is configured on the uplink ports of both the core switch cluster and the edge switch

Answer: D

1ST configuration using the show mlt ist info command, which IP address should be in the IP ADDRESS column?


A.    the IP address of the ISTVLAN on the local switch
B.    the IP address of the IST VL AN on the peer switch
C.    the IP address of the IST on the peer switch
D.    the management IP address of the peer switch

Answer: B

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