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8 Mar

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Which three options are valid contract actions? (Choose three.)

A.    permit
B.    redirect
C.    tag
D.    log
E.    punt
F.    police

Answer: ABD

You must create a bridge domain that has one subnet.
The supported IP address range should be through
The default gateway should be
Which configuration is correct?

A.    <fvBD name=”solarBD1″>
<fvRsCtx tnFvCtxName=”solarctx1″ />
<fvSubnet ip=”″>
<fvRsBDSubnetToProfile tnL3extOutName=”rout1″ tnRtctrlProfileName=”profExport” /> </fvSubnet>
<fvSubnet ip=”″>
<fvRsBDSubnetToProfile tnL3extOutName=”rout1″tnRtctrlProfileName=”profExport”/>
B.    <fvBD name=”solarBD1″>
<fvRsCtx tnFvCtxName=”solarctx1″ />
<fvSubnet ip=”″>
<fvRsBDSubnetToProfile tnL3extOutName=”rout1″ tnRtctrlProfileName=”profExport” /> </fvSubnet>
<fvSubnet ip=”″>
<fvRsBDSubnetToProfile tnL3extOutName=”rout1″
C.    <fvBD name=”solarBD1″>
<fvRsCtx tnFvCtxName=”solarctx1″ />
<fvSubnet ip=”″>
<fvRsBDSubnetToProfile tnL3extOutName=”rout1″ tnRtctrlProfileName=”profExport” /> </fvSubnet>
D.    <fvBD name=”solarBD1″>
<fvRsCtx tnFvCtxName=”solarctx1″ />
<fvSubnet ip=”″ gateway=>
<fvRsBDSubnetToProfile tnL3extOutName=”rout1″ tnRtctrlProfileName=”profExport” /> </fvSubnet>

Answer: C

Which description of OpFlex is true?

A.    a protocol designed to prevent loops in VXLAN overlays within the ACI fabric
B.    a control system designed to exchange abstract policy between a controller and a set of devices
C.    an architecture for operationalizing Data Center management functions
D.    an API that allows third-party devices to be managed by the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Controller

Answer: B

Which counters are updated in an EPG-to-EPG policy where both EPGs are local to the same leaf switch?

A.    transmit only
B.    receive only
C.    TX and RX
D.    This policy is not supported.

Answer: A

A custom-developed script is failing due to a code 403 “token was invalid” error message. Which action corrects the problem?

A.    Reboot the Cisco APIC.
B.    Repost aaaLogin with valid credentials.
C.    Restart your web browser.
D.    Use JSON encoding instead of XML.

Answer: B

Which protocol is needed to synchronize the fabric to make use of atomic counters?

A.    NTP
B.    PTP
C.    PFC
D.    CDP
E.    LLDP
F.    CFS

Answer: B

Which class or DN would you query in the Cisco APIC Visore interface to return the in-band and out-of-band IP addresses of the Cisco APIC cluster?

A.    fabricNode
B.    monManage
C.    topSystem
D.    manageFab

Answer: C

If you see “CiscoAVPair” in the Cisco APIC API Inspector, which Cisco APIC main menu was clicked?

A.    Admin
B.    System
C.    Fabric
D.    Tenant

Answer: A

Which filter must be enabled in the Cisco APIC API Inspector to view API calls?

A.    trace
B.    warn
C.    info
D.    error
E.    debug
F.    fatal

Answer: E

You see a fault severity level of Minor on a leaf node. What is the default Health Score penalty that is applied to this node?

A.    0.01
B.    0.02
C.    0.1
D.    1

Answer: B

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