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12 Sep

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Which of the following does the calculation schema determine? (Choose three)

A.    The basis on which the system calculates surcharges and discounts in percentages
B.    The condition types that do not play a role in the price determination process
C.    The prerequisites that have to be met so that a particular condition type is considered
D.    The subtotals (net price and effective price) for time-dependent conditions
E.    The extent to which manual processing of price determination is possible

Answer: ACE

Which settings need to be done in the Customizing to make new valuation classes available for a new material type only? (Choose three)

A.    Assign the new account category reference to a valuation grouping code
B.    Assign the new valuation classes to a valuation grouping code
C.    Assign the new account category reference to the new material type
D.    Define a new account category reference
E.    Assign the new account category reference to each of the new valuation classes

Answer: CDE

What can one MRP area include? (Choose three)

A.    One or more storage locations in multiple plants
B.    One plant
C.    Subcontracting vendor
D.    Consignment vendor
E.    One or more storage locations in one plant

Answer: BCE

Which views can you create for an externally procured material of material type UNBW (none valuated)? (Choose three)

A.    General Plant Data/Storage
B.    Purchasing
C.    Costing
D.    MRP Data
E.    Accounting

Answer: ABD

Info records can have texts for different organizational levels.
For which levels can you maintain these texts? (Choose two)

A.    Purchasing organization
B.    Purchasing organization in combination with a plant
C.    Company code
D.    Client

Answer: AB

In which of the following functions is source determination available? (Choose two)

A.    Maintain a quote from a request for quotation (RFQ)
B.    Create a contract release order
C.    Assign and process purchase requisitions
D.    Convert a planned order into a purchase requisition

Answer: CD

A vendor offers you a material at the gross price (PB00) of EUR 1200. In addition, the vendor gives you a 15% discount (RB01) and a 5% cash discount (SKTO). The vendor charges 90 for freight costs (FRB1). 

What is the effective price if you use the calculation schema shown in the attached graphic?

A.    EUR 1,032
B.    EUR 1,050
C.    EUR 1,042
D.    EUR 1,059

Answer: D

Which of the following belong to the static lot-sizing procedure? (Choose three)

A.    Replenish to maximum stock level
B.    Least unit cost
C.    Weekly lot size
D.    Lot-for-lot order quantity
E.    Fixed lot size

Answer: ADE

Which of the following actions can you perform with the collective number in requests for quotations (RFQ)? (Choose two)

A.    Enter the collective number in the item data of the RFQ
B.    Enter the collective number in the header data of the RFQ
C.    Use the collective number as selection criterion when analyzing RFQs and quotations
D.    Link multiple collective numbers to one RFQ

Answer: BC

Which of the following are prerequisites for the system to check the minimum shelf life in the goods receipt for a purchase order? (Choose three)

A.    The shelf life expiration date check is activated for the movement type.
B.    The material is managed in batches.
C.    The remaining shelf life is maintained in the purchase order.
D.    The storage location where the material is received is warehouse-managed.
E.    The shelf life expiration date check is activated for the plant.

Answer: ACE

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